Weiß Kruez – On the Run – Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Weiss Kruez On the Run

© 2006 Jet Mykles for the story. The characters however are not mine. Click here for more info on these beautiful kitties. Or check out the Bishonenworks WK gallery, which is where my obsession began.

Authors note: This is a continuation of a work of love. Pure fan fiction. I get no payment or kickback out of this except pure enjoyment and a wish to share the image of Aya, Yohji, Ken and Omi in my head.

There’s sex in this one



Yohji woke to a burning urge to pee and a cottony head. The lack of headache and alcoholic taste in his mouth told him it wasn’t a hangover. Still…

Oh yeah, right. You were shot. Last thing he remembered was being in the backseat of that car and dropping the box of darts while…


No answer. Then again, he probably hadn’t’ been very loud or coherent since his mouth was half buried in a pillow. Summoning strength, he pushed up, bracing on one elbow.

He as in a relatively small, sparsely decorated room that had one curtained window and two doors. One of the doors was ajar to reveal pale yellow tile and part of a mirror, hinting at a bathroom. The heavy, dingy red and gold curtains were parted ever so slightly down the middle, enough to let him guess that the light coming through the crack was sunlight. Yohji turned, tangling his legs in the white sheets of the bed, the room’s largest piece of furniture. There was also a table and three chairs and a battered dresser. A small refrigerator sat beside the dresser with a double burner plate on top of it. His bags and Aya’s were up against the wall beside the bathroom door. His mission coat was draped over one of the chairs, with his jeans and what might be his shirt keeping it company on the seat.


Again no answer. No sound other than a faint whine of the refrigerator and a slow drip from the bathroom.

Alarmed, Yohji spun again, now realizing that he was naked. In bed. In a strange place. Alone.


A note lay on a small table beside the bed, written in Aya’s spiky scratch on a piece of paper with a motel’s logo on it: Went to get food. You’re safe here. Stay put. A.

Yohji had to smile. Okay, so the note wasn’t incredibly romantic, but Aya had put his cigarettes and lighter right next to it. How thoughtful. Yohji laughed as he got up to go pee. Of course, Aya also knew that, of anything, Yohji would definitely find his cigarettes.

He stumbled a bit on his way to the bathroom, still groggy from the sedative. Groggy enough that after he’d relieved his bladder, he tumbled back into the bed and curled up to sleep some more, without even bothering to light up.

Aya was there when he woke again. He opened his eyes just as the redhead was taking off his black t-shirt.

Yohji hummed happily, hugging the pillow underneath his head. “Now that’s a sight to wake up to.”

Aya threw the shirt aside and came to sit on the bed with him, just out of arm’s reach. “How do you feel?”

Yohji sat up, yawning and stretching. He managed to hide a grin when he caught Aya checking out his bare chest. “Tired kinda. But I’m okay.” He dropped his hands into his lap. “Where are we?”

“Motel in the middle of nowhere. Cleanest and most secluded place I could find.”

“I take it we weren’t followed?”

“Not as far as I could tell.”

“Was there anything in the car that was helpful?”

Aya’s full lips twisted in a grimace. “No. If I trusted contacting Kritiker the types of darts of the registration of the guns might do something but…” he shook his head, staring at the abstract painting over the dresser.

“Hn.” Yohji winced at the sharp pain in his arm. He turned it over to take a look and saw the healing scab.

“You okay?”

He turned back to violet eyes. Concerned eyes. Concern for him. He smiled. “Yeah.”

Silence for a moment as they gazed at each other. Yohji let his eyes go seductive, pursing his lips a bit. He started to let himself lean slightly forward.

Aya blinked. Stood. “Hungry?”

Yohji frowned. Aya hadn’t touched him. Well, hell, you didn’t touch him either.

“Yeah,” he said, leaning forward onto all fours and crawling to the foot of the full sized bed. Not nearly as big as he’d like it to be, but at least it wasn’t a twin.

Aya had his back to him, rummaging through some bags of takeout. Yohji admired the sleek pale skin of his back, liking how it smoothed over chiseled muscle. The jeans rode low so he could also admire the graceful taper of Aya’s chest into his waist. The sweet dimples just above the not-quite-visible curve of his ass. Yeah, he was hungry. Food would probably be good, but right now he wanted to take a bite out of Aya. His cock agreed.

Aya turned around, a carton and a pair of chopsticks in each hand. He froze at seeing Yohji. The look on his face was blank. Not exactly what Yohji was hoping for.

Yohji cocked his head. “Hi.”

Still no visual clues. Aya just kept staring. “Hi.”

“Something wrong?”


Yohji grimaced and pushed up onto his knees. He saw Aya take a look at his naked self. He was pretty sure he just saw a twitch in the bulge in those pants. He held out his arms. “Kiss me.”

Aya didn’t move. Violet eyes averted and Yohji’s blood went cold. What the hell…?

“We shouldn’t,” Aya mumbled.



“You said we weren’t followed.”

“We weren’t.”

Yohji studied Aya carefully. He refused to believe Aya was brushing him off. He wouldn’t believe. He wasn’t done with Aya so Aya couldn’t’ be done with him. It was just that simple.

“Then what is it?”

Aya didn’t answer.

Where the hell did the sex kitten go and who invited the ice prince back? Ice was all well and good when their lives were on the line but… But… Damn it! Yohji had a deep, abiding need for life affirmation after he’d killed someone and sex was the best life affirmation that he knew.

He crawled off the bed, only wincing slightly at the burn in his arm.

Aya kept his eyes averted. Bit his lip.

Aha! The lip biting was a good sign. The ice prince wouldn’t bite his lip. Abyssinian wasn’t uncertain. Ever. Aya, however…

Yohji took hold of each carton in Aya’s hands and took them away, reaching around Aya to place them on the table. Aya stumbled back into the table in a useless attempt to avoid touching him.

Yohji ended up with both hands leaning on the table to either side of the object of his obsession, his face inches away from the other man. Pink lips snarled just a bit and sooty lashes formed lace on high cheekbones as Aya kept his eyes hidden. Long, crimson hair fell in a sheer curtain across the left side of his face. “God, Aya, you’re beautiful.”

Aya turned his face away, failing to hide the pained look. His hands gripped the table’s edge just inside of Yohji’s.

Yohji reached up to brush crimson hair from pale cheeks. “What’s wrong?”

“We shouldn’t…”


“I can’t…”

Yohji brushed his lips across one pale cheek, marveling at the soft perfection of the man’s skin. He heard Aya swallow. “Can’t what?”

Aya tilted his head back and Yohji took advantage and bent his head to delicately taste the warm skin just under Aya’s ear.


“Fuck me, Aya.”

Aya shook, rattling the table. “Stop.”

“Can’t.” He slid his hand into Aya’s hair, cupping the back of his skull. He brought his other arm to circle Aya’s waist and stepped into him so that his wakening cock brush the waistband of Aya’s jeans. Warm chest brushed warm chest. “Want you too much.”

Aya gripped his waist, feebly trying to push him back. “Yohji, stop.”


“I… can’t. Not when we’re…”

He nipped at Aya’s chin. “What?”

Strong hands came up to grasp his shoulders and push. Yohji hissed as the move stretched the wound on his arm, but he managed to keep his arm around Aya’s waist and his hand tangled in crimson hair.

Violet eyes seared into his. “We’re on a mission.”

Yohji shook his head, instinct telling him to hang on and hang on tight. “No. We’re running.”

Aya scowled. “No difference for this. I can’t maintain control if you’re…”

“If I’m what?”

Calloused fingers bit into Yohji’s shoulders. “God, Yohji, you’re distracting enough as it is! If we keep sleeping together I’ll lose it and one or both of us will get killed!”

Aya tried to shove him away but Yohji anticipated it. Was kind of shocked that he did but he wasn’t going to question it now. He held on and yanked. Aya fought—badly—and ended up banded in Yohji’s arms anyway, bare chest to bare chest. Yohji fisted his hand in silky hair and forced a punishing, open mouthed kiss on Aya. Aya’s hands slid up into his hair, knotting, pulling. Yohji sank his hand down the back of Aya’s pants and squeezed one silky buttock.

Aya groaned. The hands in Yohji’s hair stayed knotted but ceased to pull. Yohji kept kissing him, devouring that delectable mouth. He squeezed his handful of ass tighter, digging his fingers into the crevice between cheeks.

Aya tugged his hair and he was enough off guard to let go. He stared hungrily at Aya’s wet lips.

“Yohji, stop.”

“Not a chance.”


“Do you honestly think not fucking is less distracting?” He wasn’t thinking straight but realized he was going to need some words. He had a feeling Aya was trying to regret their ever having slept together and that simply could not happen. Wasn’t allowed. Not in Yohji’s book of rules. “I don’t know about you, Aya, but if I can’t have you I’d be more distracted.”

That gave the redhead pause. He stared at Yohji’s nose, licking his lips, thinking.

Stop it! Yohji let two fingers gently caress Aya’s hidden entrance, gratified to see Aya’s eyes flutter. “I’d be thinking about this tight little hole and be aching to be inside it.”

Aya groaned. “Yohji…”

“Or have you inside me again.” He licked his lips, making sure Aya watched. “That was hot, Aya. Do it again. Fuck me.”

“Stop it.”

“Fuck me.”


“Fuck me.”


Yohji couldn’t contain his grin, even though it made Aya scowl. “Just yours, baby. Your whore.” He bent his head toward Aya, gratified when the fingers at his scalp allowed it. He hovered, his lips just above Aya’s. “Fuck me.”

Aya’s fingers massaged his scalp. One strong jean-clad leg wrapped around Yohji’s thigh. “This cannot distract us, do you understand?”

He was going to nod but Aya’s hold in his hair tightened.

Aya’s gaze bore into his. “I will not have you die. Do you understand?”

Time froze. Yohji’s heart stopped. An echo of a gunshot and a woman’s cry of pain sounded somewhere in the back of his brain. His heart exploded in renewed pain. Violet eyes, pale skin and crimson hair filled his vision.

He swallowed.

“Understood,” he said with difficulty over the lump in his throat. He squeezed the silky hair in his own hand. “Same goes for you.”

Aya grunted then hauled him into a soul searing kiss. Their tongues dueled for dominance, each of them losing and winning even though it hardly mattered.

Yohji stumbled back, still wrapped in Aya, and tumbled onto the hard mattress behind him. Aya fell on top of him, breaking the kiss only to lavish oral attention on his neck, shoulder, chest. His roaming hands slid over Yohji’s arm and he flinched when Aya skimmed over the wound, but it was a minor twinge. Yohji hissed when Aya found a nipple and bit into the hard little nub.

“Aya…” he sighed, caressing his lover’s silky back as the redhead commenced a journey southward toward the place that was aching for him.


Aya hovered, lips over Yohji’s cock. The salty, musky smell of the man filled his nostrils and the heat of his skin burned Aya’s palms.

“Aya.” Fingers in his hair nudged him toward the twitching, leaking cock that lay on that perfect, golden abdomen. “Aya, please…”

Aya glanced up into hot, pleading jade eyes.

Then pushed off the bed.

“Aya!” Yohji surged to sit. “Damn it…!”

“Need lube,” Aya grunted, hardly daring to talk. Words and sense were failing him. He’d tried to be good, tried to keep his distance, but he was a moth to Yohji’s flame. Now that he’d tasted, he couldn’t get enough. Yohji was right. Abstaining wouldn’t make it better. It might make it worse.


He heard Yohji behind him but didn’t look. Couldn’t look. He tore open the zipper of his duffel and yanked clothing out until he found the little bag he was looking for. Inside was the bottle he needed. The liquid that would smooth his way in heaven.
When he turned, he was thankful to still be on his knees because the sight would have made them buckle. Yohji lay back on the bed, head on the pillows, knees bent and spread, hand slowly stroking his hard on. His tiny, dark opening peeked at Aya from underneath his balls. Jade eyes and generous mouth grinned at him. “Fuck me.”

Aya growled, climbing to his feet. He tossed the bottle on the mattress beside Yohji. “Keep saying that and I won’t be able to go slow.” He put his hands to the button of his jeans.

“Mmmm,” Yohji grabbed the bottle and quickly poured some liquid on his fingers.

Aya froze as the blond dropped his hands down between his legs and circled his own hole.

“Then don’t,” Yohji purred, pressing the tip of one finger inside.

Aya’s hands shook. “But you’re…”

“So damn hot for you I can’t stand it,” Yohji finished for him, slowly pressing in another finger.

Did the whimper come from Aya or from Yohji? Did it matter? Aya loosened the button and zipper of his jeans, mesmerized by watching Yohji finger himself.

“Aya, hurry.”

Aya blinked, realizing that he’d stopped moving as Yohji eased in a third finger. He smiled. “Feel good?”

Yohji grunted. Eyes closed and biting his lip, he looked too damned sexy for words. “Not as good as your dick, if I recall correctly.”

“Hmmm.” Aya knelt on the bed, reaching for the lube.

Yohji’s eyes opened.

Aya poured lube on his palm. “Let’s see if I can’t refresh your memory.” He capped the bottle, threw it aside, then wrapped wet fingers around his aching cock. “Unless you prefer your fingers…?”

Yohji grunted and pulled his hand back. He grinned a cocky little grin then, to Aya’s continued surprise, grabbed his legs behind the knees and pulled them up. “Fuck me now, Aya.”

Aya positioned himself and leaned in that little bit to rub the tip of his cock against that tiny little hole. “Greedy slut.”

“Mmmm, you know it.”

Aya pressed forward.

Yohji hissed.

“You okay?”

“Mmm, yes. More please.”

Aya had to chuckle, willing try a bit of levity to distract himself from the heavenly press of Yohji around the tip of him. He pressed forward more and had to groan. “Yohji.”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh… wait!”

Aya paused. Watched as Yohji wiggled, releasing his legs to brace them on Aya’s shoulders.

“Yeah. Okay now.” Green eyes found his. “More.”

Aya went slow, stopping only once more at Yohji’s behest before he was in to the hilt inside Yohji’s hot body. “Yohji.”

Strong fingers dug into his hips. “God, yes. Yours, baby. Fuck me. Remind me.”

Remind me. Aya pulled back slowly, echoing Yohji’s groan. Mine! He pushed forward.

“Shit! Yeah. Aya!”

He looked down to find Yohji working his wet hand on his own cock. Was thankful. He wanted to do it, but he was having trouble not coming. He adjusted one leg, wrapped an arm around Yohji’s thigh and picked up the pace.

“Oh God!” Yohji arched into him. “Oh man, yeah! Aya!”

Push, pull. In, out. Stroke of constricting flesh against sensitive flesh. Hot and warm and, oh god, too good. Pumping hips. Slap of slick hand on Yohji’s cock. Yohji’s gold hair flayed out on the white pillow. Yohji’s eyes closed and mouth open. Aya’s hips snapped forward, uncontrollable. In, out. Fuck yeah! Oh god…!

Aya froze, mouth open on a soundless scream.

“God, Ayyyyaaaa!” Yohji groaned beneath him, flesh milking, extending the orgasm out of Aya’s cock.

Aya’s lungs labored on breath. He felt the sweat on his skin now, making the thigh he clutched in his hands slippery. He cracked open his eyes to see the pool of white on Yohji’s slim, flat belly. He met smiling jade eyes.

And smiled.

No matter what came, Yohji was his.

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