The bulk of my images are of a highly sexual nature. Some of them may be offensive to some viewers and, well, I can’t help that. But you’ve been warned.

Click here to view my artwork at my online gallery


Or, click here to check out my images on Renderotica. A note about Renderotica: many of the images are the same as you’ll see on my personal site (above), however, I’m also a premier artist on Renderotica which means that if you’ve got the paid subscription, there are some of my images you can ONLY see there. More about Renderotica Premier membership here.


16 thoughts on “Images”

  1. My goodness! It’s mid March and no images yet in 2011! Hope that means you’re busy writing instead, lol

  2. Love looking at your images, and just was curious why you haven’t posted any new stuff in a while.

  3. Jet-
    I’ve been reading the Dragon and Phynx series and saw you did the cover art. Just wanted to say I really liked it. Awesome job!!

  4. Yeah I reckon that it should but that is beond my abilities I can’t work it out! But I will persever!


  5. Hi
    I have a quick question… Can you give tell me where I can get my hands on some Hevean Sent Images I have the ebooks and I have totally falllen in love with the covers they are fantastic my fav is Hell, but they are all on Microsoft reader and they fly by so quick and I would love to be able to keep the images!

    If anyone could help that would be brilliant!

    Thanks in advance…

    1. The images themselves aren’t for sale. Sorry. They’re owned by Loose Id. But MS Reader should let you stop on the cover page, shouldn’t it?

  6. Hi! I really enjoy the Heaven Sent series! love all those gorgeous guys in the story. My favorite couple would be Darien and Chris. Darien is so adorable, and Chris reminded me of Tezuka Kunimitsu from Prince of Tennis. ^0^ Oh, and Luc looks like Yohji..I love Weiss Kreuz too!

  7. I have noticed on some of your pages pictures of a “pet.” Is he a character from one of your books? If so, which one?

  8. I’ve not read any of your books but I love the art in the gallery and the way the elves are darked skind. I like to read Fantasy Romance so I hope I like your books. I’m going to buy one in the next coupale of weeks. Sorry I’m a really bad speller just so if I spell anything wrong. Have a great night or day when ever you read this that is.

  9. Wow! Jet, these are gorgeous! Vickie sent me over this way and I just spent way more time than I should have poking around your gallery. Great stuff!

    — Sierra

  10. i’ve read several of your works and i love every one. the first one i read, Snagged, was actually one of the first of ebooks i ever read and it was amazing. i look forward to catching up on the heaven sent series too!

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