New Covers – Dark Elves and Heaven Sent quickie

Well lookie here!Dark Elves IV: Dissent

Heaven Sent: Sly Spectral TrickI gots not one but TWO covers to show you!

To the left we have a visual on the long awaited Dark Elves IV: Dissent, by yours truly.

To the right, the cover for a little Halloween quickie of Darien and Chris from Faith.

Click on either cover to be taken to the site’s page for more information.

Damn! I’ve got enough books on Loose Id to warrant a “next” link!

3 thoughts on “New Covers – Dark Elves and Heaven Sent quickie”

  1. Ooh, Jet, DE4 cover is another winner! Even though I usually love longer hair, the shaggy look is so sexy! Can’t wait for the book to come out!

  2. You’ve made all my MPD’s so so happy. They’re squealing so loud I fear my eyeballs are going to explode. Ew.. how gross that would be, which is totally unlike your lovely covers. Way cool, Jet! I looove Trick cover ! My fave series of yours are the Dark Elves! Whohooo! But, one of my ‘people’ is insisting I say this for you posting what ‘they’ are calling the Elvish cover, .. Uh huh, thank yew, thank yew verra much! *winks*

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