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  1. I don’t suppose a please would do the trick? just a little something like Pretty Red Ribbon????? LOL. Regardless, thanks for replying and your stuff is great. I will gladly take what I can get.

  2. I loved, loved, loved this book. I would do a happy dance i fyou write a sequal. I want to see how Ki and Aaron are adjusting their lives to each other. How is Aaron doing meeting Ki’s friends and with Ki’s social life. How is Ki’s family adjusting to them? Does Aaron go back to his job? Do they consider getting married? Thanks for writing the first one and Happy Holidays!

  3. Hi Mina!

    I’ve given some thought to a sequel for Tech Support but nothing solid yet. You’re not the only one who’s asked, though, so I wouldn’t count it out 🙂

    Thanks so much!!

  4. I don’t know about print. It’s pretty short. Maybe eventually we can pair it up with another story or two.
    Truthfully, no plans have been made yet.

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