One For The Team (Team #1)

One For The TeamReleased July 1, 2008 from Loose IdEPPIE 2009 Finalist

Pairing: m/f

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This is a contemporary about a tomboy named Jennifer and her four–yes, four–male best friends.

Yeah, I’m sure you can see where that’s going…


Alex dumped her and Jen’s not sure why. Okay, he’d been her first, but she thought she’d done rather well, sexually speaking. Why did he all of a sudden tell her that it wasn’t working out? What was wrong with her?

Ken, Bart, Davey and Jason—her best friends—all try to convince her there’s nothing wrong with her. In fact they seek to prove it to her… by first-hand example. That’s all well and good until Jen starts freaking out. She’s sleeping with her best friends. All of them.

What’s up with that?

Read an excerpt

Cover by Christine Griffin

Sequel is Two Man Team but DON’T read the blurb because it’s a big spoiler for this book.



  • Fallen Angels Reviews– 4 Angels
    • “Thanks go to Ms. Mykles for another fun read.”
    • Reviewed by Teresa
  • Romance Junkies – 4 blue ribbons
    • “…this story was hot with a capital H.”
    • Reviewed by Kym H
  • Joyfully Reviewed
    • “….a fun and light-hearted way to spend a few hours.”
    • Reviewed by Jo

15 thoughts on “One For The Team (Team #1)”

  1. I just read the excerpt and this sounds like a great story! Did this come out as a paperback or is it only available as an ebook? Thanks!

  2. Hurry with that Jet! You write some of the best stories and I’m just not saying that because I have a library in my house that has overflowed to my trunk so YOU GO GIRL!

  3. Hey thanks! This one actually predates the elves in terms of when I came up with the idea, but it got put on the far back burner. I figured it’d be fun to bring it out and dust it off.
    And thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you like my stories!

  4. Jet,

    Can’t wait!! Love the sound of this story and I am looking forward to hearing much more about it and buying it. You are an awesome artist, both with your visual artistry and your writings. Keep up the awesome work, you turn cold lonely nights into hot steamy sexy fantasies.

    Panther Secrets

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