Just For You

Just For YouReleased October 13, 2009, from Loose Id

Pairing: m/m

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Justin falls for Kevin the instant they pass each other on a sidewalk. Only, Kevin’s not gay. The higher ups at Kevin’s company are gay, however, and Kevin’s accidental meeting with Justin gives him an idea how to get around his controlling female supervisor. If he can gain access to the top men at an exclusive gay club, he might be able to finally share his ideas.

Justin instantly agrees to be his date, despite the obvious heartbreak that’s headed his way for going out with a straight man. At the club, Kevin gets a chance to meet the company owner, Victor Chen, and the man seems interested… both in his ideas and his date.

Kevin can’t deny his attraction to Justin, but he’s not gay. Right? He should step aside and let Justin have a chance to date Victor, who’s gorgeous, rich, and shares Justin’s interest in fashion. Despite his internal struggles, he really wants to explore their growing bond. Justin is certainly game, but a part of him knows they can’t have a future together…can they?

Cover art by PL Nunn

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  • Sensual eCataRomance– 5 stars
    • “Watching these two work out their issues made for some fantastic joy in reading.”
    • Reviewed by Elise Lyn
  • Literary Nymphs Reviews– 5 Nymphs
    • “This is a great story and one I will be reading again.”
    • Reviewed by Critter Nymph
  • Coffee Time Romance Reviews– 4 cups
    • “You absolutely cannot read this without it putting a smile on your face.”
    • Reviewed by Lototy
  • Fallen Angels reviews– 5 angels Recommended Read
    • “[Jet Mykles] knows how to add all the right elements to make a story unforgettable.”
    • Reviewed by NeNe
  • Rainbow Reviews– 4 stars
    • “….a fun and engaging story and I really enjoyed it.”
    • Reviewed by Lily

8 thoughts on “Just For You”

  1. Just read it and wow! I loved it! Justin and Kevin are so awesome! I love both of them and they’re perfect for each other! I love all your works especially the HS series and IK1, can’t wait for the next! I do have one thing to ask, make a sequel for Victor! I’d love to know about his past and to see him happy with someone. 😀

  2. Jet…just finished Just For You and OMG!! LOVED IT!! Justin and Kevin are perfect together and I was so rooting for them to be together throughout the entire book. Will admit that this plot that Victor devised was rather ruthless and sinister, but I feel for him. He seems lonely and not one to not get what he wants. I would so love to know his back story and how it is that he became so “jaded” to quote Justin. Its a story I would definitely read. Thank you for this incredible story. 🙂

  3. Jet,
    please,please,please do a story about Victor…he is rather…fascinating. I’d also love to see more of Kevin and Justin. Love to get the story on who hurt Victor so badly. More please.

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