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  1. What is going ooon? T_T I just found out about this book, like, one hour ago, and when I looked it up, I couldn’t find it anywhere, and when I look at the author’s official website, it says it’s unavailable as of June 2018. JUNE! What are the freaking chances, seriously! :’)
    Why isn’t it available anymore and when (please, please, make it “when” and not “if”) will it be again? I read about it on GR and now reading the excerpt, ah, I’m head over heels in love with Justin, haha. <3

  2. Just read it and wow! I loved it! Justin and Kevin are so awesome! I love both of them and they’re perfect for each other! I love all your works especially the HS series and IK1, can’t wait for the next! I do have one thing to ask, make a sequel for Victor! I’d love to know about his past and to see him happy with someone. 😀

  3. Jet…just finished Just For You and OMG!! LOVED IT!! Justin and Kevin are perfect together and I was so rooting for them to be together throughout the entire book. Will admit that this plot that Victor devised was rather ruthless and sinister, but I feel for him. He seems lonely and not one to not get what he wants. I would so love to know his back story and how it is that he became so “jaded” to quote Justin. Its a story I would definitely read. Thank you for this incredible story. 🙂

  4. Jet,
    please,please,please do a story about Victor…he is rather…fascinating. I’d also love to see more of Kevin and Justin. Love to get the story on who hurt Victor so badly. More please.

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