Heaven Sent 6: Revelations

Heaven Sent 6: RevelationsReleased July 28, 2009 by Loose Id

Pairing: m/m/f

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This is Gretchen’s story. Technically, if you don’t count the shorts, this is book six of the series. It occurs the same year that starts in Heaven Sent 5: Genesis. But it’s not really part of the main arc. That ended with Genesis. This is an addition.

Yes, you read the pairing correctly. This is a menage story. I assure you, Owen and Archer are into each other — eventually — but Gretchen is definitely not an extra in the relationship. And she is, in fact, a girl, not a cross dresser.

For those m/m purists, don’t fear. I promise to recap all that’s necessary in the first Indigo Knights book. You don’t HAVE to read this one to keep up, although I, of course, hope that you’ll give Gretchen a try.


For years, Gretchen’s main objective has been taking care of the boys of Heaven Sent. When her boys decide to take a hiatus, she decides to do the same.

Before she can begin her summer off, Gretchen has one last public commitment. There, she meets tall, mysterious, and wickedly handsome Archer Thanos. Archer’s company has a video game based on Heaven Sent and he’s has been trying to get in touch with her to discuss it. Their first meeting quickly turns into a discussion of another type … in a nearby hotel room, sending Gretchen headlong into a whirlwind affair she hadn’t anticipated.

Only, someone isn’t exactly thrilled about Gretchen and Archer’s romance. Gretchen’s adorable new assistant, Owen, has been pining for his boss since he started working for her but he hasn’t had the courage to assert himself and tell her he wants her. As a result, Gretchen is completely blind to his feelings for her. And after meeting Archer, Owen knows he has no chance against the handsome devil. His own attraction to the older man is instant and overwhelming, the bisexual urges he hasn’t divulged to Gretchen fully awakening.

Owen thinks he’s not enough for Gretchen. Gretchen thinks Owen is far too young for her. Archer thinks they’re both ridiculous. He knows the three of them are just right for each other, if they can survive the revelations.

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Cover by PL Nunn of Bishonenworks



  • The Romance Studio– 5 hearts
    • “Jet Mykles is one of those authors who can give us the excellent eroticism we crave in a book without letting it overwhelm the fact that she has a story to tell.”
    • Reviewed by Dee Dailey
  • Fallen Angels Reviews– 5 angels
    • “This book definitely lives up to the level of fun, laughter, and hot erotic scenes that pour though the other books in the Heaven Sent series.”
    • Reviewed by Teresa
  • Whipped Cream – 5 cherries & Best Book of the Week 11/30/09
    • “I give it 5 Cherries for a great plot, steamy sex scenes that make you squirm in your seat, and perhaps might make you want to change into something a little more…comfortable! Well done.”
    • Reviewed by Ambrosia

41 thoughts on “Heaven Sent 6: Revelations”

  1. Congratulations Jet on the Revelations release. I headed over to Loose Id to buy it last night after you announced it was up for sale in The Manhole @ The Phade. I then discovered I needed to recharge my prepaid CC.


    I have 1.5 hrs to go before I can do that. Waaaaaaaa *sniff*

  2. I’m just itching to read this! I loved all the other books, and sure as hell don’t want to miss this one! I love the way you write 😀

  3. Hey Jet,

    I am so glad it’s almost time for the new book. I love love love the Heaven Sent series. Johnny and Taylor story is my favorite although I have read each like a dozen times. Thank you in advance for another great story!

  4. OMG! I”m gonna die if I don’t get to read this 😛
    Hee, I can’t wait, I love the characters of this world 😀

  5. Jet, I’m new to your books and just read all of the Heaven Sent books over the weekend. I love them! I look forward to reading Revelations, even though it is m/m/f…lol Do you know when in July it will be out. I go on vacation in July and would love to have it on my Kindle to take with me. Also, I’m looking forward to the new series Indgigo Knights.

  6. And the countdown begins…
    I’m really looking forward to this book. Any ideas when the cover will up? Will the artwork also be done by PL Nunn?

  7. Any date yet for the release of Heaven Sent: Revelations? I was wondering so that I can put it on my calendar so that I remember to buy it. I’m Also looking forward to Awakenings and the Indigo Knights books.

    1. You know what, I’m not sure. I’ll check.
      At the moment, I’m still working on Awakenings and still plotting Indigo Knights so those are still pending.

      Thanks for asking!

  8. Hi Jet, I’ve just been catching up on my surfing and spotted your post about the new Heaven Sent and Indgigo Knights series Wooo Hooo cant wait.Love all your books but I’m especially fond of the boys it’s great Gretchens finally getting a love life too.

  9. Hi Jet,
    Ok, I’m offically addicted to Heavans Sent. I’m not getting a thing done but reading 🙂 Can you tell me were I can find a copy of the Indigo Knights story that ya’ll are talking about ?
    Thanks, Ro

    1. Thanks!
      The Indigo Knights haven’t been written yet. Well, beyond being mentioned in Genesis and Revelations. I hope to get to the first book of their stories later this year.

  10. I love all of the Heaven Sent books and I think the relationships the guys had were perfect. I really can’t imagine any of them in a threesome though, but Gretchen I definitely can. I don’t know who Gretchen is going to be paired with, but please please please don’t let it be with any of the Heaven Sent guys or their partners, I love them the way they are! I can’t wait to read about the Indigo Knights though.

  11. Thats right! I can’t wait for that one! Rabin seemed pretty sexy if I remember correctly, but he wont be the singer… so I wonder who that will be? 😉


  12. Oooh- Daisiemae and I were discussing Indigo Knights on Goodreads the other day… is that the Spin-off band that Heaven Sent is going to produce???

    That is so exciting!!


  13. Thanks! I’m kind of looking forward to it now 🙂

    I’m not sure about more. I know the boys will show up in the Indigo Knights series but I’m still figuring out the particulars of that series.

  14. hello jet.

    i am a huge fan of you books, epecially the heaven sent series. i am happy that another book is in the pipe works, but are we going to get more books when you have finished with revelations?

    i miss the boys soo much…..

  15. I absolutely love the Heavent Sent books! I am so excited to hear that there is going to be another one. I can’t wait. I have all the other ones and have read them so many times I pretty much no them but heart but still keep reading them. I especially like Reese and Luc. Thank you for continuing this series!

  16. This might be a dumb question… but what is the difference between yaoi and m/m in general? I realize that yaoi is a japanese name, and I’ve looked up the definition, but is there a difference in style specifically??


  17. Wow, i love all of your books particularly this series since i love Yaoi. I cannot wait for this story, i had a feeling that you would either pair one of the band members with in a polyamorous relationship or ad someone new….so glad i was right!

  18. Awww! I really like your title;>)

    I’m looking forward to learning more about Gretchen and maybe seeing snapshots of the guys…

  19. It will, I have read almost all of your e-book and they have never let me down, so I know this one is going to be a good one also.

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