Heaven Sent 1: Heaven

The Heaven Sent series availability is in transition.


Cover by PL Nunn of Bishonenworks



  • Joyfully Reviewed – Recommended Read
    • “Jet Mykles thoroughly seduces with her words. Whenever you think she has reached the climax of the book, she surprises with yet another scene full of lush imagery… when I reached the last page I immediately turned back to the first page to begin reading again.”
    • Reviewed by Shannon
  • TCM REviews
    • “While the sexual attraction and fireworks are quick to excite the reader, it is the all encompassing love story that truly satisfies.”
    • Reviewed by Jasmina Vallombrosa
  • Coffee Time Romance Reviews– 4 cups
    • “Ms. Mykles is a master at the Yaoi genre. Her characterization makes Johnnie and Tyler feel so real that I could almost see them standing before me.”
    • Reviewed by Susan White
  • Fallen Angels Reviews– 5 angels Recommended Read
    • “Ms Mykles did a phenomenal portraying the feelings and emotions that Tyler and Johnny had. She makes Johnny not only drop dead gorgeous, but sensitive and faithful to boot. Tyler is the typical clueless guy that has to learn that some chances come along only once in a life time and you have to hold on tight and never let them go.”
    • Reviewed by Teresa
  • Euro-Reviews– 5 stars
    • “For any reader who enjoys sizzling hot m/m seduction and intimacy, with captivating writing style and intriguing characters, this book has it all. It’s a top recommendation!”
    • Reviewed by Annie
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews– 5 stars
    • “Jet Mykles is the ultimate storyteller…I promise there will not be a moment where you are bored and want to find something else to entertain you.”
    • Reviewed by Suni Farrar
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews– 5 stars
    • “While the sex is super hot, the background story that sets up the romance is touching… Heaven is a prime example of why Jet Mykles is such a popular writer.”
    • Reviewed by Anya Khan
  • eCataRomance– 5 stars
    • “Ms. Mykles spins a yarn of sensual delight sure to please all the male/male romance fans out there whether they are hardcore fans of the yaoi genre or novices just getting their toes wet for the first time.”
    • Reviewed by Keely Skillman
  • Two Lips Reviews– 4 lips
    • “Heaven is a great (and spicy!) book… the book enchanted me and I can’t wait to see what Jet Mykles has in store for us in the future!”
    • Reviewed by Cat
  • The Romance Studio– 5 hearts
    • “I absolutely loved the way Jet Mykles challenges the reader to look beyond the typical black and white and ask questions of themselves even as the characters are doing so… This is going firmly on my keeper shelf and I’ll probably read it again soon.”
    • Reviewed by Maura Anderson
  • Whipped Cream– 5 cherries
    • “I really enjoyed the romance in this story it was loving, hot and so very satisfying.”
    • Reviewed by Sarah
  • Rainbow Reviews– 4.5
    • “For anyone wanting an excellent and entertaining romance, definitely read this great offering if you haven’t already. If you have, read it again.”
    • Reviewed by Kassa

4 thoughts on “Heaven Sent 1: Heaven”

  1. I never thought that i would like gay books. i used to only like male and female romance but the heaven sent books have opened my eyes to male and male romance

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