Dark Elves V: Discovery

Dark Elves V: Discovery
Also available in print

Dark Elves V: DiscoveryReleased September 16, 2008 from Loose Id

Pairing: m/f; m/m

Available in ebook at Loose Id

Available in Kindle from Amazon

Also available in print from Amazon

Available in NOOK from Barnes & Noble

Also available in print from Barnes & Noble

You’ll note a new cover artist. I’m so very pleased to get Anne to do the covers for the ebook series given the delicious covers she did for the print books.

The interior illustrations are still by yours truly.


To Kinig, the dark elves represented everything wonderful and mysterious in the world. If he could become the expert about the elves, his bardic career would be set. It would be dangerous. The elves were known for their dislike of human males. But times had changed and his request to live among the elves for a time was granted, and Kinig was given into the care of Fallil, a bard among the elves.

Fallil didn’t expect to fall in love, but he did. What began as friendship grew into love, and abiding passion. But Fallil knew he had to let Kinig go fulfill his dreams if the two were ever to be truly happy.

Nine cycles of seasons later, Kinig has realized his dreams of fame and is known over two continents as Kinig of the Dark Elves, the one human who knows as much as the raedjour themselves. Now, his thoughts stray back to the man he loves and it is time to return to the Dark Forest.

It’s Kinig’s knowledge that brings him to the attention of a solitary mage who holds the last red elf in his thrall. The red elf, Nialdlye comes to care for Kinig and sees in his stories a possible solution for her own problems. Can the two together break free of the mage’s power and make their way back to Fallil?

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Cover art by Anne Cain.



  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews– 4 stars
    • “If you’re a Dark Elves fan you won’t be disappointed with Jet Mykles latest offering Discovery”
    • Reviewed by Ann Barber
  • Literary Nymphs Reviews– 4.5 Nymphs
    • “I can’t say there was a dull moment in this new book.”
    • Reviewed by Scandalous Minx
  • eCataromance Sensual– 5 Stars
    • “…a panty-slicking, sexy, artistic masterpiece sure to leave her existing fans ecstatic and have newly converted fans rushing to purchase the first four books in the series.”
    • Reviewed by Keely Skillman
  • Love Romances & More– 4 hearts
    • “Ms. Mykles keeps delivering more stories that capture the readers’ attention from the first page to the last. Each story is like a glistening painting, with characters that step off the pages and into the spotlight. Ms. Mykles writing just keeps getting better with each book.”
    • Reviewed by Dawn
  • Fallen Angels Reviews– 5 Angels
    • “…a very enjoyable read that I couldn’t put down.”
    • Reviewed by Hayley
  • Joyfully Reviewed – Recommended Read”The many surprises, elements of suspense and the love of Dark Elves gives me no other choice but to make Discovery a recommended read.”
    • Reviewed by Jo

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  1. Hi Jet, Sorry to bother you but I really would like to know it Radin is ever going to somehow return or is he really gone now? Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Hi Jet
    Can you tell me when books 5 & 6 will be out in book form? I can’t wait to read more about the raedjour. I’m very sad about Radin. Do you think he will ever return or is he gone for good?

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