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EXCERPT – Snagged


This title is in transition.


©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved
Moonlight streaming through the den’s windows was all the light Kyle needed. His nimble fingers set the tumblers in motion, flicking the dial until the proper click sounded, then spinning the dial in the opposite direction. Then there was a chunk, and Kyle’s fingers stopped. He grinned. Finally! He opened the safe door and shone his penlight inside and…

They weren’t there! He reached inside, carefully lifting the few items within the safe, but there were no documents anywhere in the small compartment.

That was impossible! For a moment, he gaped in disbelief at the safe’s interior. The papers had to be in there. He’d seen Quince put them there himself just this afternoon. Why would the boss take them back out? But they certainly weren’t there, and the whole reason for this escapade was gone. Mind reeling in confusion, Kyle closed the safe and replaced the small framed photograph that hid it from view. Now what?

A hand clamped over his mouth as an arm snaked around his chest. Kyle froze in shock. His penlight dropped to the floor with a muffled thunk. Continue reading EXCERPT – Snagged