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Now available – Snagged

SnaggedNow available!

Pairing: m/m

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This is a re-release of the story that originally came out from another publisher. Same story, new cover, updated editing.


It’s rather ironic, isn’t it, that Kyle plans to steal the papers that will free him from the life of a thief? What’s even more ironic, or maybe not ironic but downright annoying, is that they’re already gone.

And now the papers are in the hands of the one man who has ever been able to put Kyle off his game. Seth, the absolutely gorgeous hunk of a man that Kyle can’t figure out his attraction to. He’s not gay. He’s never wanted sex with a guy. But he can’t stop looking at Seth.

To his surprise, Seth’s real nice about the papers. He promises not to turn them, or Kyle over. He’ll even give them to Kyle, if Kyle will just come home with him. Obviously Seth’s up to something, but what?

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Cover art by PL Nunn

Official site for author Jet Mykles