New year, strange year

I’ve been published now for five years. I now have 31 published works at three different publishers. Not bad. I’m pretty proud of that.

Since the start, I’ve had plans. I’m not talking about life plans or even really myself. I’ve had story plans. Began with the Dark Elves. It wasn’t solid, but I did have an idea of sequels when I wrote Taken and Mastered. Once I met Radin, I had things I wanted to do to… uh, with him. Then came the Leashed books. I have plans for Meg and the boys. Okay, Leashed 4 is giving me fits at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a general aim for them. Then, of course, came the boys from Heaven Sent and they proceeded to take over my life.

2005: I wrote about elves and shapeshifters and my first yaoi.

2006: Heaven Sent took over my life but I still got in some elves and shifters.

2007: I tried some new stuff but mainly stuck with the main three series

2008: Even more new stuff but started with pretty much finishing Heaven Sent. Oh yeah, Revelations came along later but I’ll always admit that one’s an add on. The main arc ended with Genesis.

Now that was strange. And end. It felt good but it was also really weird. People have asked me since if I’ll write more about the boys and I did introduce a new sequel series that I still plan to write. But still, it was an end. But the elves and the shapeshifters were still going.

2009: wrote another Heaven Sent because Gretchen wouldn’t be denied. Wrote Sursein Judgment and I do hope to write at least one more book in that series. But the big accomplishment was finishing the Dark Elves series.

Again, strange. Another end. To be honest, I was glad to see that particular end. I love that world, but it wrecked me. It felt really good to finally get to the glimmer of end that I saw way back in 2005. Pretty neat.

So now it’s 2010 and I’ve only got one series left. I’ve still got lots of potential with Leashed, but I’m finding more and more plot and less and less erotic as I’m writing Leashed 4. I’m told that’s a good thing by my readers, but Loose Id is an erotic romance publisher. I’ve got to have some of it. Oh, don’t worry, it does have some, at least so far, but there’s more.

I grew up on series books. I lived for fantasy books during school. I wouldn’t read a book unless it was at least part of a trilogy. So I feel strange now just working on one.

Huh. Guess it’s time to get serious about the Indigo Knights and try and think up something new.

11 thoughts on “New year, strange year”

  1. Having finally read the first Dark Elves book I do hope I will get to buy the rest in the series sometime this year.

  2. Some of your shorts have been developing into more, right? The baseball dad is going to be a full length story… How about the Wonderland bunch? Won’t there be a couple of stories in that? I am also looking forward to the Indigo Knights! I’m hoping we get some glimpses of our wonderful HS boys!!!

  3. Doesn’t the sister in Sursein Judgment deserve a story–menage a trois? Quatre? In addition to the sheriff, of course. Bet you could introduce some new boys in the story that could keep the series going for quite a while. : )

  4. Well I for one am excited about the indigo knights series and cant wait to read it, although I miss the HS boys 🙂

  5. I remember reading Snagged back in 2006! It was the first erotic novel I ever read, and I loved Seth and Kyle. 🙂 Any chance we’ll ever read about them again? *crosses fingers*

  6. So I guess I’m bad. 🙂 I have actual read all your seireses and all your free stuff too. So just keep chunking it out there and I know for sure I’LL eat it up. The sweeter, the spicer, the juicyer, the better. Just talking about it like this is making my mouth water. So please feed my soul the way you doing all the time and I hope you have a HAPPY and PROMISING NEW YEAR.

  7. I feel good about it all. I’ve been a fan a couple years and have got a few more books to get to. I am not so sad about things ending because I have not reached the end yet =D. I also re-read a lot, so I never quite let it end for me. Keep doing what you do, because you do it so well.

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