Heaven Sent Extended Remix – the boys are back (almost)

About five minutes ago, I uploaded the “extended remix” of Heaven to Amazon.

Yep, the boys in the band are coming back. Johnnie and Tyler are imminent and the others will be along as soon as I do the remix of their stories.

What do I mean by remix? I mean that I went back in, smoothed some rough edges, modified some bits that I never liked and — *gasp* — added some scenes in Johnnie’s point-of-view. That’s right, for all of you who’ve asked and begged over the years, these scenes are for you. I hope you like them.

I’m not in charge of how quickly Amazon can get the book up on the site so I’m not sure on the “when”, but it’s coming. I decided to go ahead and make it available through Kindle Unlimited and the lending library as well. Some of you might get some use out of that.

I’m out of practice with getting the word out so bear with me. I’ll get the book page and except here updated in the next week or so then this old broad needs to figure out the social medias. But you’ve heard it here first!

11 thoughts on “Heaven Sent Extended Remix – the boys are back (almost)”

  1. This is incredible news. Im so excited. Heaven sent are one of my favorite book series. Can’t wait for the other books too. And more Luc and Reese❤️. But im curious. How is it going with Rose Family Chronicles 3: Merchant?

    1. The Chronicles are on hold for a number of reasons, unfortunately. I do very much hope to get back to them and finish the other two books. I thought I’d switch tactics and get the original series back up and available then get back to conquering the new stuff.

  2. I did indeed come over to read from the Yahoo group so there are some of us semi Luddites still around. Johnny and Tyler were one of the first MM couples I met so I am excited they, and I presume some of the other boys in the band, will be coming back.

    1. All right! Happy to hear that some people are still hanging around the Yahoo Group. I miss the big community days.

      The other boys will be around as soon as I can get their stories done.

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