It’s a New Year and Things are going to Change

For those who haven’t heard, Loose Id will be closing its doors in May of this year. This is huge for me. Dark Elves 1: Taken, my first published book, was release by Loose Id in 2005. Since then, I’ve published 37 stories with them. I’ve learned so much about myself in that time. From my darkly raunchy escapades in the fantasy world of a goddess and her elves through menages with shifters and witches and into homosexual rock stars, I’ve shared all sorts of romances and have been lucky enough to find an audience that enjoys reading them.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. The change is still new. I think I’m going to self-publish the elves and the rockers on Amazon. Other than that, I’m undecided. I might re-do the Leashed series entirely — I’ve wanted to do that for some time. I do want to continue with the Rose Family Chronicles, at least to finish the main five stories.

I don’t plan to stop writing, though. I do want to continue. It’s slow going these days, but I do still have stories to tell. Over the next few months, I’ll start cycling the books through the site. They’re going to start disappearing from the Loose Id site and from Amazon, but I’ll post with updates when/if they get re-published here and on my FaceBook page.

I hope you’ll stick with me.

12 thoughts on “It’s a New Year and Things are going to Change”

  1. Oh man. I was sorry to hear about Loosed ID. They introduced me to your works! I’ve since fallen in love with the Dark Elves and (OMG) Michael, Meg and Rudy. I’ll be another one waiting for your next project with bated breath. With only one set of fingers crossed for more Leashed in specific.

  2. I hope you also publish on smashwords as an alternative to Amazon. I too have purchased your books from Loose Id.

  3. So sad about LooseID but glad you’re going to keep writing. I enjoyed the Rose Family Chronicles and is so looking / waiting for more!

    As well, hope all goes well with future publishing for you. Thank you for promising to keep us updated as I truly would not want to miss the next Rose Family book.


  4. I’m a huge fan especially of the Heaven Sent series and the Rose Family Chronicles. So i will wait however long it takes 🙂

  5. Please keep writing, no matter how long each book takes. Heaven Sent was the first erotic book I ever read and I bought it through Loose-ID. I’ll miss being able to buy books from them. I liked being able to get them in PDF format so I could put them on all my devices. But even if I lose Loose-Id, I would truly hate to lose your books. I buy and reread everything you write. Let me know when and where and I’ll show up money in hand!

  6. Please don’t stop writing! I’m a big fan and looking forward to more from you! (Here’s to more of the Rose Family, and perhaps even more Indigo Knights or Heaven Scent!)

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