Alternate Reality Heaven Sent

Okay, contract is signed so I feel comfy talking about it now.

The Rose Family Chronicles will be familiar for readers of Heaven Sent. Why? Because it’s the same characters. Yep, In Rose Family Chronicles 1: Valet, Johnnie and Tyler start things off again except this time Johnnie is the Earl of Rose. Within the Rose family are his sister Gretchen and his twin brothers Brent and Reese. Tyler is a middle class man who comes to Rose Hall looking for job and lands one, first as a footman, then as Johnnie’s personal valet. You can guess the general path of the story from there. All the principles will show up eventually, and a lot of the secondary characters have been repurposed as well.

The setting is somewhat historical. Why somewhat? Because, dear readers, I am not a history buff. I dabble in the details, swipe freely from other periods when I deem necessary, then outright change and make up anything I think I can get away with.

I’ve had fun writing it. My beta readers have had fun reading it. I hope, in the next few months when it comes out, you’ll enjoy it too.

Stay tuned for more details on the release date.

11 thoughts on “Alternate Reality Heaven Sent”

  1. I loved the Heaven Scent series so I am very excited to read this new series because it’s Johnnie and the gang…. Any Idea when the first book will be available on Amazon?

  2. This sounds awesome. I’ve reread the Heaven series so many times I could be the living Book for them a la Farenheit 451! So to have the characters redone in a new sending is not only welcome, but intriguing. It’s almost like doing fan fiction on your own books. I look forward to reading them as soon as they come out. I’ve been checking here for months hoping for a new book announcement, but this surpasses my hopes.

    1. Mmm, wouldn’t it be nice to live with them? They’re in my head but I’d love to deal with them in person. Of course, I might not like them as much 🙂

    1. Nope. Completely different series in an alternate universe.
      Although, I think it’d be more fun if you’d read the first series. Then you already “know” the characters.

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