EXCERPT: Indigo Knights 4: Noble

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Noble gave thought to waiting until the next day to call, but his resistance just wasn’t that good. He called when he was finally alone in his room. He hadn’t even taken off his shoes yet, but he was dying to know what Foxy wanted. It could be nothing. Could be that he just wanted to hook up for tickets. Could be he wanted to introduce Noble to one of his gay friends. Could be he wanted Noble to come back and teach him the joys of giving a blowjob. The possibilities were far too intriguing.

“Hi.” Foxy’s voice was breathless, barely audible. “Hold on a sec.” The murmur of Foxy’s voice suggested he was talking to someone else.

Noble smiled in amusement as he sat on the love seat to remove his shoes. Only a single lamp was on, but the one big window let in plenty of moon and city light for a cozy blue-white haze that Noble loved. He had both shoes off and had propped his socked feet up on the low coffee table before the talking stopped and what sounded like a door closed.

“Hi.” Foxy’s voice was normal this time. “Noble?”

“That would be me.”

“Hey. I was hoping you’d call.”

“You slip a card in my pocket all secret-like. How can I not call?”

Foxy chuckled. “Yeah. I guess.”

Pause. Noble grinned in anticipation. “So…?”

“Right. I, uh…” A breathy laugh. “Geez, I don’t know what to say now.”

Languidly, Noble pulled his T-shirt up to expose his abdomen to the air-conditioned room. “How about you tell me why you slipped me the card?”

“I wanted to talk to you some more.”

“You just wanted to talk?” Noble deliberately put a purr into his voice.

Pause. Would Foxy try and talk around it? Would he get right at it? Straight boys were so much fun sometimes, especially when they might not be so straight. “That. And…more.”

“Oh.” Noble smoothed a hand over his flat belly, watching his silver rings catch shine and shadow. “Tell me about the ‘more.’”

“I…just thought…”




“You’re not going to make this easy, are you?” It was muttered.

“Make what easy, sweetheart?” Noble fingered the hair that grew below his navel.

Frustrated sigh. “I like talking to you. I thought we could get together again sometime. Alone.”


Noble could just about hear the swallow. “Yeah.”



Noble probably shouldn’t enjoy the wordplay, but he did. “Sounds like you had more in mind than just talking.”


Slowly he stroked himself from navel to waistband. “Won’t Zach mind?”

“Why would Zach mind?”

“He was pretty set on keeping the two of us apart tonight.”

“Oh. That.” Then there was an actual growl. Not huge, but it was there. “Fuck, Zach.”

“Have you?”


“Fucked Zach?”


“Because he might be up for that.” Teasing himself, Noble slid his hand up to circle a nipple with one fingertip. “You never know.”


“Sure. Us gay boys don’t always flaunt it like me.” He let Foxy hear his carefree laugh as he plucked at the silver bar through his other nipple. “For all you know, Zach is sneaking in to watch you while you sleep.”

“Shit. What? No. That’s fucking creepy.”

“Is it?”


“Mmm.” Fingers spread, Noble let his palm slide down toward his fly. “Does he live with you?”


“No? He must be nearby.”

“He, uh, he’s staying with me. But he sleeps in the other room.”

“Close enough.” He fingered the happy trail just above his waistband. “He watches you like a hawk.”

“Yeah. Well. He’s paid to do that.”

“He earns his keep. Keeping you away from dangerous gay men.”

“Yeah.” That sounded rather melancholy. It also wasn’t a denial.

Flipping open his fly, Noble took pity on Foxy. “So. Is this what you wanted? To talk? Like this?”


“Or were you thinking more like fucking?”


“Because I’m up for that.”


Noble hummed. “But I get the impression you’re not supposed to be. You’re like the American girl’s teen dream, aren’t you? Your people will flip if they found out you’d come all alone to a gay man’s hotel room.”

Silence. Had Foxy seriously not thought of this? “Does it matter to you?”

“To me? No. I’m thinking of you, sweet thang.” He let his Tennessee drawl fill with the pleasure that filled his cock as he squeezed it.

“You’re right. I, uh, can’t. Be seen.”

“So what’s the plan, sexy?” Noble kept his tone light, as though they made plans to meet all the time. He didn’t let on that he was now massaging his junk. “Because I’m on a plane to good ol’ England on Monday.”

“So soon?”


“And you’ll be gone all year.”

“Yep.” He let his hand still, just resting on his cock as he waited for a response that didn’t come. “So…?”

“Can I come see you before then? At your hotel?”

Good boy. He had actually asked. “You really think you can get up here without being seen?”

“Oh. Right.” Foxy took an audible breath. “I’ll figure something out.” Said with a certain determination. Noble had to resist the urge to applaud.

He laughed softly, squeezing his cock and letting the sizzle in his blood warm his tone. “You so sure?”


“All right, then. When?”


He laughed louder. “Afraid not. It’s almost five, and I’ve got a photo shoot later today. They’re gonna kill me for not getting any sleep as it is.” Although, truth be told, he was sorely tempted.


Noble pretended to think about it as he swiped his thumb through the wet that oozed from the tip of his cock. He already knew the right time, but the game was too much fun. “I can be back here by seven.”

“What’s your room number?”

He gave it, smiling. Foxy sounded rather eager. “Are you sure you can get in without being seen?”

“I’ll think of something.”

“You do that. Meanwhile, I should be getting my beauty rest.” But first, I come, he thought as he started to pump his hand.

“You don’t need it. Beauty rest.”

The surge of pleasure at hearing that actually made him squirm. How novel. “What a sweet thing to say.” He rushed on, realizing he needed to get off the phone before Foxy heard more than he’d bargained for. “Tell you what—you’ve got my cell number now. Text me when you figure things out.”


Noble stilled his hand for a moment, tormenting himself. “G’night, pretty boy.”

Foxy laughed softly. “G’night, drummer man.”


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