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Wrote a blog over at Fiction with Friction and liked it enough to point toward it here. My ramblings on romance.


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  1. Loved the blog post. And i realize what you described is one of the main reasons i love your writing. Because why not? I’m writing a m/m/f menage book and a writer i respect told me that the book will likely be trashed by the reviewers who will say there’s really no such thing as bi-sexual, that bi-sexual is just a gay man who hasn’t come to grips with it. And i guess my reaction is why? Who says? Who says a gay man can’t have one or two women who turn him on? Who says a really handsome guy can’t be in love with a less than picture-perfect woman? Or vice versa. Despite being a raging heterosexual, i admire and enjoy the fluid sexuality of your characters, and if Jet — and i — can imagine such people, why can’t they be real? Like the young singer we both so enjoy, Adam Lambert, maybe the world even needs a new definition of diversity.

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