More in *Coming Soon*

I’ve added some new pages for upcoming works on the *Coming Soon* page. Also thinking maybe I should take the “soon” bit off that page because not all of them are really that soon. Sorry about that.

I think I’m comfortable enough to say that the rewrite of Bye Bye Skyler will be done presently and I’ll be able to shop it around to publishers. Some of you may have read the previous version that’s no longer available. Same story, revised and lengthened. Completely m/f. Contemporary.

Reverb, is another rock star story. Not the Heaven Sent universe since it’s been promised to MLR Press, but knowing me it should have a similar flavor. I think I’ve finally got the idea solid enough to write it soon.

Also, Shifting Sands is now in edits so it can’t be all that long to wait for the anthology anymore. Woohoo! More on that as the time approaches.

And I left Leashed 4 up on the coming soon page even though I’ve stalled. I WILL get back to it.

Last but not least, I’ve made a page for the first Indigo Knights book, Squire. I think Rabin’s finally started to talk to me. At least, his significant other has started chatting me up. I think you guys will like Izzy. A bit like Hell, a bit like Owen and I think even a bit like Brent, if you can believe a Hell/Brent mix O_O More as I know more.

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  1. Glad you seemed to be back in the… saddle, as it were. Yay for new books! And I can’t wait to meet the Indigo boys.

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