LA Weekly – Man on Man: The New Gay Romance

LA WeeklyWoot! I’m in an interview about gay romance in the LA Weekly. I think it’s a rather good one, too. And I LOVE this artwork!!

The article features other authors as well, like James Buchanan and Stephanie Vaughan.

And there’s a picture of me with my pink hair. Ack! LOL

2 thoughts on “LA Weekly – Man on Man: The New Gay Romance”

  1. I thought it was a pretty good article. There are some around the net who think otherwise, as seen in the comments on the online version of the article, but I think it’s generally positive publicity for the genre.

  2. This article is not only informative, but gratifying to see. Everything the article said about why women read m/m romance is true. I dislike the fact that I cannot buy my favorite romance novels in book form anymore, but ebooks will work just fine for me. They’re also easier to hide from prying busybodies than a physical book.

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