ARe awesomeness!

At least, in my way of thinking.

Check out the Top Ten Reader Rated this morning:

Top 10 Reader Rated

  1. Love at First Bight [Deep Space Mission Corps 1]
  2. Storm’s Obsession
  3. Dark Elves 4: Dissent
  4. Anytime Darlin’
  5. Getting Wild
  6. On the Sand
  7. Soul Mates: Sacrifice
  8. The Tin Star
  9. Heaven Sent 2: Purgatory
  10. Heaven Sent 3: Hell

That’s three for me!!

3 thoughts on “ARe awesomeness!”

    1. Thank you!
      I know it’ll change in a few days, but I thought it was quite significant that it was the reader’s poll and all of those books are relatively old. Very cool 😀

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