New cover – Bravo! Brava! Anthology

Bravo! Brava!

I’ve got a new cover. If you can’t tell by what’s on it, the theme of the anthology is cross-dressing and theater. My story is called About Something and I’m going to have to find an excerpt from it pretty quick since it’ll probably be coming out in February.

coming soon from MLR Press


Lights, Makeup, Scripts, Costumes . . . Performances! Jet Mykles, J.P. Bowie and Kimberly Gardner entertain us with the magic and mystique of the theatre. From Shakespeare’s gender-bending comedies to the glamour of a Musical Revue, we’re whisked backstage for an intimate glimpse of the drama, romance and rumors (and maybe even a little mystery) behind the curtain. Find out what it takes for a man to carry off a skirt and heels. Follow the men who wait in the wings for those behind the fake breasts and makeup. BRAVO! BRAVA!

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