One For The Team nominated for an EPPIE

One For The TeamWoot!

Jen and the boys serve one up for me. One For the Team has been nominated as a finalist in the Contemporary Erotic Romance category for the EPPIES!

Looks like I need to get my ass to Las Vegas in March.

Guess I should also look seriously at that rumored sequel… **whistles innocently**

7 thoughts on “One For The Team nominated for an EPPIE”

  1. Well… it IS close to my birthday (sorta) so you never know! I just adore Vegas… I never get tired of it and I dont even gamble! Its the food and the shopping that get me every time. *sigh* If I do go, I will let you know 😉


  2. Congrats Jet! Glad to hear you are being recognized! 😉

    Vegas sounds like a blast! I AM a hairstylist you know… so I can tag along and be the resident “stylist”… just in case you have some fancy events to go to! Purely professional of course.. 😀 LOL!


    1. LOL Well I doubt I need a stylist. I keep my hair short and simple these days. Well, other than the purple color of course but I’ll probably get that one done right before the convention.
      But if you do decide to go, you must tell me so we can say hi at least

  3. Congrats on the Nomination! I know you are going to HATE going to Las Vegas…LOL
    You deserve all of the awards you receive!

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