Print or ebook?

ok, now I’m curious. so it’s poll time!

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18 thoughts on “Print or ebook?”

  1. I definately prefer E-Books. For one thing, my bookshelf is already too full of books to begin with. Uploading books onto the computer is definately more convienent and less clutter. Ironically, if I love the E-Book I will HAVE to buy the books in print,(like the Heaven Sent and Dark Elves books for example) so I can read and re-read them if the computer is in use or I am traveling.

  2. E-book for sure! I have a kindle… and lots of formats work for the kindle. Plus, like someone said earlier… more privacy! Jeez, those covers can be smokin!!!


  3. I am an ebook reader, primarily, because it is an expensive habit to keep up! If there is anything I particularly love I then usually get it in pb. There is still nothing like reading an actual book!

  4. I like them both … or i should say which ever one comes out first when i really want that story … e-books are cheap and easy to have access … physical books look good on book shelf … so both


  5. I like reading, doesn’t matter which format they are in.

    I do wish I could have all my paper books scanned and added to my ebook library. That way I wouldn’t have to dig through all my boxes in storage to find the book I want to read at the moment.

    Reading ebooks are easier when you work around computer/mobile devices. Paper books are easier when no computer/mobile devices are available.

  6. I’m willing to do either format. I like the reduced price of e-books,but I realize that they won’t be as durable. Without the technology and software, they simply don’t exist.
    I like being able to hold my books. I like that I’m not tied to a machine and a power source (batteries, AC, or what have you) to read them. I do realize that paper isn’t permanent either. It decays, it burns, it gets wet, and so on and so forth.
    But, in the end, I think the print books have a better shot of outliving me to find another reader than the e-books do.

  7. Hey Jet!

    I like ebooks but as I found out, if your computer craps the bed, like mine did, your out of luck with ebooks and you have to re-buy them.

  8. I think ebooks are amazing! Plus there are various titles on ebook that you wouldn’t find in print. I’m pretty much in between print books and ebooks. It’s also a matter of convenience. Sometimes people might not have time to stop at a bookstore. But, who doesn’t have time to surf the net.

  9. I prefer ebooks now, if you’d asked me a year ago I wouldn’t have answered the same. But, with my ebookreader my preference has totally changed. I’ve also completely run out of room in my house. LOL

  10. I really prefer an ebook. My shelves are so overstuffed with books. I have a very hard time parting with favorites, and I get overwhelmed because of it. An ebook is more convenient, cheaper and easier to manage.
    The ironic thing is, when I do read an ebook that I love (Heaven Sent and Dark Elves series for example) I immediately have to buy the print version as well. Crazy, huh?

  11. ebooks definitely. BUT….will buy print version when available because of the “usually” beautiful cover and the “got-to-have-in-my-hands” print version … with the hopes of one day getting author autograph. So the print version satisfies more than one craving….the enjoyment of the cover art and the gratification of only power needed to read is the light (ie, not relying on laptop/pc or e-reader). When trying out new authors to me…e-book is great. Long time favorite authors, I will collect print versions, and prefer the “keepers” to be hardback, but will collect soft bound as well.

  12. I perfer e-book as like several others have mentioned I have run out of room in my house to keep print books. I have a lot of books out in the shop stored on shelves. They are packed in the grocery store paper bags and then in the garbage bags to protect them. At this time I have no ideal how many there are out there. I also have as many in the house as I can find a place to put them. My books are no longer stored in bookcases standing up like they are supposed to be. No they are laying down flat and as many as I can get stacked on them to the top of the shelf. You can get a lot of books on a bookcase using this method.

  13. Cripes, I hit the wrong button. I voted Print when I really wanted to vote e-book. Sorry Jet, leave Rift to screw up. Although I like the feel of physically reading a dead tree edition in mainstream fiction, I prefer erotica as e-books. I do not live alone so it’s more private. Erotica is also far more expensive in print.

  14. I prefer ebooks for several reasons. First, I agree they are much more convenient to obtain. Second, I moved 35 boxes of books the last time I moved and I swore I would never go through that again. With my ebooks I have just as many in my laptop and that’s all I have to carry. Third, I have a very bad back, neck and shoulders. Holding a print book can be very painful after only a short time. With my laptop, I set it on the table and I’m good to go. Fourth, with the backlight on the laptop I don’t need a light to read. There ya go.

  15. For the most part I prefer an actual physical book. However because I’m running out of physical space (I have print books in boxes under my bed becasue I don’t have anywhere else to put them), ebooks are a good alternative. Also some of my favourite authors are only available in ebook.

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