Ongoing Forum chat on The Phade

I was invited to join The Phade. It’s a forum originally created to further discuss The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward, but it seems to have grown to much more than that. There are some great discussions and threads on a great number of things with some really insightful reviews and talks.

There’s a thread specifically to ask me questions here. I’ve already answered some Heaven Sent and Leashed questions. It’s an ongoing thread.

I’m a newbie there so I don’t know it all, but the mods are really nice. Perhaps one of them is around and can add some more information in the comments?

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  1. A warm greeting to everybody! Hello to all,i am a new member of this forum and hope to have a good experience here

  2. Hello folks, I just went akross this awesome forum through google and I like the especialy this form. I really like the design and the team does its job verry good.
    I´m Andrew and I´m pleased to be here 🙂


  3. Hi. I regularly be familiar with this forum. This is the oldest period unequivocal to ask a ridiculous.
    How multitudinous in this forum are references progressive behind, disingenuous users?
    Can I depute all the communication that there is?

  4. Hi Librarian! The Phade is great. I totally agree with the idea that if one hero is good, two is definitely better. With or without a female in the mix

  5. Thanks for the good words…I’m one of the mods, and Aurora is my Phade “sister” – she joined right after me. It’s kind of funny, the author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, J.R. Ward, hinted at a relationship between two of her uber-Alpha males, but never really developed it, despite a lot of interest from her readers. So dear AuroraAlexander stepped in on The Phade and proceeded to hook us up with some most excellent recommendations for smokin’ manlove, including the Heaven Sent and Blue Ruin series…and converted many a Het-rotica reader to the benefits of having TWO (or more *grin*) hot males in our erotica stories! And getting to chat with authors has been SO much fun – I’m such a big fan, thanks to Aurora and other manlove pimps on The Phade! Welcome and keep the good love coming!

  6. Thanks Kitty! You are making me blush. LOL

    Thanks for the kind words Jet. The Phade was indeed founded in Sept. 2007 as a place for BDB fans to gather and discuss the books, spoilers and all, in an adult environment. IMHO The board rules are fair, the mods are nice and the members are smart. Different opinions are welcomed and respected. There are threads on anything and everything from books and movies, to politics and religion. I joined the board on it’s second day, and it has become my cyber home away from home. I would say two things most of our members have in common are a love of books and an appreciation for good looking men. LOL!

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