Amazon/Booksurge might be forcing my books off Amazon

I don’t know a lot about it, but it sounds awful. From what I’ve heard, pretty soon, if your publisher doesn’t use Booksurge (Loose Id does not, they use Lightning Source), your books won’t have a “buy” link on Amazon. Well, that would suck rocks, wouldn’t it?

Not sure what can be done, but knowledge is power, yeah? 

One thought on “Amazon/Booksurge might be forcing my books off Amazon”

  1. The Kindle may be a nice tool to read an e-book with, unfortunately the cost of Amazon’s Kindel is somewhat prohibitive. I would much rather spend the money it would cost to purchase the Kindel on e-books, than on the tool to read the e-books with.
    I downloaded Microsoft Reader for free, the total cost I incur are the books I choose to purchase. The download time is instantaneous and my e-books are there ready to read when I am ready to read them. I have tried, but see no advantage to me as a reader to purchase the Kindel. Unfortunately, I’m no longer able to purchase e-books from Amazon other than that those in the Kindel format. An unfortunate circumstance for me as a reader, and now it appears for authors as well.

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