Blood Claim has been uploaded to the stores!

Blood Claim coverReleased March 2008 from MLR Press

Pairing: m/m

Warning: blood sucking

MLR Press info here

Barnes & Noble link

Read an excerpt of Wolfe’s Recluse here

4 thoughts on “Blood Claim has been uploaded to the stores!”

  1. Not sure what’s up, but the link at B&N is available now and should be order-able.
    Fictionwise isn’t live yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have any kind of pull or clue in what happens over there.

  2. Afternoon Jet,

    Do you know B&N would have the book listed as 1/1/07 publication? They’re listing it as out of print.


    I’ll just wait for Fictionwise. 🙂


  3. Sure is. Should be available pretty soon. It’s been uploaded to Fictionwise too so if you wait a bit, you can have the ebook. I’d imagine it’ll show up on Amazon pretty soon too.

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