New Release – Faith (Heaven Sent)

Faith cover

Available July 24th from Loose Id

14 thoughts on “New Release – Faith (Heaven Sent)”

  1. I have just finished reading Faith and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading more Heaven Sent stories in the future.

    Btw. when will the pirate story be available?

  2. Oh, my, I was just fixing a typo on AFF and saw the new banner for Faith–oh, god, I’m so happy!!! If I had Hell in paper, it would be worn out by now–I think I’m on my seventh or eighth reading. I had to write my own vanilla ice cream scene after that, although mine was part of a D/s punishment. Thanks for the 4th of July oneshot–so sweet! I’m happy to hear a new Xmas one is in the works!! You are so awesome with your yaoi–I’m completely in love with it. I started with buying Snagged on Amazon, and then was surprised when I went to Loose ID and found I recognized your books from the banners on AFF which I hadn’t paid any attention to previously. I’m assuming the Chris is that wonderful friend of Hell’s although I haven’t even gone to buy the book or read the teaser yet, which makes me both happy and sad because if it wasn’t, I was thinking that could be book 5–I’m so greedy for more. By the way, I do love Tech Support to–Yoshiki is now such a romantic name in my mind, and damnit, we never really got a lot of that purple vibrator–maybe Loose ID would take an X-mas little short story on that one? Pretty Red Ribbons or whatever it was called was incredibly hot too–but maybe you could do another oneshot where that photographer does gets to photograph the married couple. Damn, I can’t sit here commenting, I have to go buy Faith in case all the little scenes I’ve been fantasizing about with your characters are actually in the book.
    I love your writing, and I hope you stay happy and healthy and always
    enjoy doing it,
    Best wishes,
    Cathy AKA Hestia

  3. Oh, that was lovely. I really enjoyed Darien’s personality.

    Unfortunately, now we now have to wait for your next story! Write fast please!

  4. Jet,

    It was wonderful! I feel for Chris and Darren just as much as the other guys. Most excellent story, had me laughing at parts and fanning myself in others, thank you!

  5. Angelia…I think they post Monday at midnight, on one of the eastern time zones. I have seen new releases posted 10 or 11 pm on Mondays PST…have fun!

  6. I just happened across Heaven Sent on Loose ID, I bought it cause the story sounded good. I was less than half finished when i went back and bought every other story in the series. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment of the story. Thanks much for the exceptional writing and riveting stories.

  7. Awesome! I hope the story is posted early enough so I can read a bit before my two young kids wake up!

  8. Woo Hoo! Just in time for my birthday next week! Thanks so much for the post, I can’t wait for the release and I LOVE the cover. What beautiful bishies!


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