6 thoughts on “Jet’s Birthday”

  1. I love June! *g*
    Thanks all!

    hehe “ms heaven sent”. I like that. There’s one more book planned for the Heaven Sent guys and it’ll be an Xmas book (or maybe New Year’s). Johnnie and Tyler will definitely be in it.

    And Pamela, if you read this, thanks so much for the kind words. Happy to have popped your ebook cherry 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Jet! I hit the big 40 myself on June 7th. I have suddenly had to come up to my parents’ house to help out after my mom had a heart attack. Reading your stories again on my laptop has been the escape I’ve needed each night. Heaven was the first ebook I ever bought and no author thus far has met the high expectations I have after reading your work. There is some great stuff out there that I really enjoy, but your stories are fanastic. Keep on writing and having birthdays!

    Your fellow Gemini,
    Pamela Joy

  3. hello ms. ‘heaven sent’

    happy b’day, and a prosperous yrs head for u.
    u share the same b.day as my mum…
    have a fantastic day…. wishing you all the best.

    an avid fan.
    ps; are there going to be any more books about jonny heaven and tyler.. they are my fav. characters…


  4. Hey Jet,

    My birthday is the 5th. Happy Birthday, just a little early. May you have many more birthdays and many inspirations for stories and images.


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