Weiß Kruez – Night Out – Part 6 of 6

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© 2005 Jet Mykles for the story. The characters however are not mine. Click here for more info on these beautiful kitties. Or check out the Bishonenworks WK gallery, which is where my obsession began.

Authors note: This is a work of love. Pure fan fiction. I get no payment or kickback out of this except pure enjoyment and a wish to share the image of Aya, Yohji, Ken and Omi in my head.

I’ve been asked if I’ll continue this one. The answer is yes. As soon as the boys tell me what comes next and as soon as I get some other characters’ stories out of my head.



Aya’s hands clenched and released the steering wheel. He kept a close eye on the speedometer, aware that he was entirely likely to put on too much speed in his current state of mind.

Beside him, Omi’s fingers clacked on the laptop, recording Aya’s version of the mission. The whole thing had gone without a hitch and Aya hadn’t gotten to kill anyone. Which was a shame. He’d wanted to. He’d very nearly needed to. He was so frustrated, he could have taken on Schwartz and Shrient and still gone looking for more. All because what he really wanted to do was shove his cock so far into Kudoh Yohji’s hot little ass that the slut knew he’d been branded.

“Got it,” Omi said. “Report’s done. I just need to hook up at home and send it.”

Aya glanced at the younger man, scowling to see the grin on his face. Omi caught him watching and giggled. “I’m sorry, Aya-kun. But… are you in a hurry?”

Aya glared briefly before turning his eyes to the road. “As a matter of fact, yes.”

Omi sighed, closing the laptop. “I envy you.”

Aya rolled his eyes. “Just tell him.”

“I know. I know. But…”

“This is Ken. Hints and subtlety aren’t going to work.”

“I know.”

Aya smiled a nasty smile. “I could tell him.”


“You’re right.” The smile got nastier. “I’ll tell Yohji.”

“Ayan, no! He’d tell Ken for sure!”

Aya chuckled.

“Aya, you wouldn’t!”

“I’m just trying to help you, chibi.”

Omi’s eyes went wide at Aya’s precise mimicry of Yohji’s voice, which only made Aya laugh more.

Omi grumbled. “I’m happy that you’re loosened up a bit, Aya-kun, but I’m beginning to rethink you and Yohji being so close.”


Yohji and Ken were playing video games with the sound up loud, just the way Aya hated it. That was the only reason they didn’t hear the car.

Both men jumped, dropping their controllers when the back door slammed open. Ken spun and crouched, hands fisted and ready even without the bugnuks. Yohji sailed across the room, hand ready at the watch he’d put back on after months without.

Aya appeared in full mission glory in the wide opening between kitchen and living room. He paused on the threshold, glorious white trench settling about his black-clad body, sheathed katana in hand. His hair shone bloody red as he turned his eyes to latch onto his target.


All the blood drained from Yohji’s body. Only one other time had he been the target of the angel of death and he did not relish the position.

Aya’s eyes narrowed. He smiled.

Oh wait! There was all his blood. Surging into his cock.

Aya pointed at him. “You.” He snapped and jerked a thumb toward the staircase. “Your room. Now.”

Yohji barked a nervous laugh then rushed to comply. He was at the bottom step when he heard another “You.” He glanced over his shoulder to see Aya pointing at a dumbfounded Ken. “Get your head out of your ass.” Then Aya spun and saw Yohji. The shi-ne glare returned. “Why are you still here?”

Yohji abandoned all thoughts of Ken and sped up the stairs. He reached his room and turned just in time to see Aya swoop through the door. With one booted foot, he slammed it shut. He tossed the katana onto the overstuffed chair as he stalked toward Yohji. Leather hissed as he reached up to grab Yohji by the ears and yank his head down to press their lips together.


Omi laughed, still staring after Aya. He very carefully didn’t look at Ken, not sure what Ken thought Aya meant by his parting remark.


Omi nodded, giggling. “Aya couldn’t wait to get back to Yohji. I do believe Yotan is going to be sore in the morning.” He glanced to see Ken still gaping up the stairs. He sighed. Now or never. “I wish I could find a man who wanted me that much. Yohji’s so lucky.”

“Did you say ‘man’, Omi-kun?”

Omi dared a blazing smile Ken’s way. He saw shock but not disgust. Progress! “Didn’t you know, Ken?” He laughed and turned back toward the door. “I’m going to get the bags.”

All right, Aya. I made it known. Now what? Omi’s normally rock-steady hands shook a bit as he slammed the car trunk shut.

Ken had put the game console to rights by the time he returned. He had both his and Aya’s bags over his shoulders. He headed for the staircase. “I guess I’ll just…”

Ken was beside him. “Omi.”

He turned toward that wonderfully muscular body. “Yes, K…”

He didn’t know if it was shock or the press of lips to his that cut his powers of speech. Bags thumped to the floor, dropping from Omi’s lax arms as he turned fully into Ken. Ken’s hands framed his face, fingers wonderfully rough in his hair as Ken angled Omi’s mouth to better receive his tongue.


Yohji pulled up, gasping for air. Aya barely missed a beat, flattening his hands on Yohji’s chest and shoving. Yohji fell in an elegant sprawl.

Aya stopped him from rising by pointing an imperious finger at him. “Strip.”

Emerald eyes flared and white teeth caught Yohji’s full bottom lip. Aya fought the need to pounce and bite the lip himself. Instead, he put hands to his coat to remove it.

Yohji finally moved to obey. The blue midriff tank flew to the end of the bed and his drawstring pants quickly followed suit. His cock slapped against the hard muscles of his abs as he sprawled in long-legged glory before Aya.

Aya tossed his coat on the dresser and took a step back. He pointed to his feet. “Boots.”

What a quick study! Yohji slid off the bed to his knees. He hitched up one leg of Aya’s black jeans and unzipped the boot. Aya put a hand on Yohji’s warm, bare shoulder for balance as he let the lanky assassin remove it. Aya didn’t think Yohji needed to rub his cheek against the outside of Aya’s leg, but he let it go. In his own languid, tactile fashion, Yohji divested Aya of the other boot as well as socks, then sat back on his heels. He turned his face up, an expectant gleam in his eyes.

Smiling darkly at his beautiful lover, Aya untucked and pulled off his sleeveless t-shirt. He reached out to spear one hand through the hair at the side of Yohji’s face, tugging a bit more than necessary. Yohji winced, but none of the green fire in his eyes diminished. With his free hand, Aya loosened his belt.

Yohji’s glance darted down. “Aya, let me…”

Aya tugged his hair. “Shut up. No talking. I’ve got better things for you to do with your mouth.”

Yohji’s nostrils flared. The tip of his tongue poked out to wet his lips.

Aya got his jeans undone and shoved open the fly. Impatiently, he freed his angry cock from the confines of his briefs. “See what you do to me, Yotan,” he growled. He grabbed his cock and painted Yohji’s lips with the moisture on the tip. “You had me like this during a mission.”

Yohji’s eyes fell half-mast, his lips slack to receive. A cute little whimper escaped his throat.

“You’re too fucking hot, Kudoh,” Aya murmured.

Yohji’s gaze darted up to meet his.

“I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Yohji smiled.

Aya mock glared and yanked again on Yohji’s hair. “Open wide, slut.”

An impish grin curved the edges of Yohji’s mouth. His tongue darted out to swipe over the head of Aya’s cock. Surprisingly, he remained silent.


“Omi, I hope you meant what you said about a man,” Ken breathed against Omi’s lips. His firm grip on Omi faltered when he heard himself. “I-I mean…”

Omi’s hands clutched in the fabric of Ken’s shirt. “I did, Ken,” he assured him, brushing lips against lips. “I meant it”

His heart was beating fast. It was kind of like the bloodlust but way different. Warmer. Kinder. More urgent. He closed his eyes and stayed with his mouth just brushing Omi’s, breathing Omi’s sweet breath. “Omi, I…”

“God, don’t talk, Ken, just keep kissing me.”

Ken pressed his lips gently to Omi’s open mouth. He tasted so good. “Omi, God! I gotta sit down.”

Omi’s eyes flew open. Huge pools of cornflower blue threatened to swallow Ken up. “Let’s go upstairs.”

He swallowed. “Yeah. Yeah, OK.”

He grabbed one of Omi’s hands. Eyes locked on that sweet, round face, he kissed the palm of that hand before grasping it, turning and leading the way up the stairs.


Omi’s voice stopped him barely over the threshold of his room. His heart sank. He was going to fast. Apology on his lips, he turned.

Omi smiled shyly at him, gripping his hand and tugging. “My room.”

Ken’s heart soared again. What the hell did he care where they were?

They crossed to Omi’s room without so much as a glance across the hall at Yohji’s closed door.


“Suck it, Kudoh.”

Yohji opened to receive. Aya smiled then groaned as he slid into the warm cavern of his lover’s mouth. If he didn’t know better, Aya would have said that Yohji had been sleeping with men all these years instead of women. He certainly knew how to suck cock like a champion. That clever tongue found all the sensitive spots, raking there, tickling there and poking—God–there. Aya pushed in as far as he dared, until he felt Yohji gag. To Kudoh’s credit, he didn’t let the involuntary reflex get him. When Aya would have pulled back farther, Yohji grabbed his hips to stop him. Although Aya had his hands tangled in Yohji’s loose hair, he let Yohji control the blowjob. He was doing just fine, anyway, and Aya still didn’t want to spook him.

I love you.

The words were in his head, on his lips, but wouldn’t pour out. It wasn’t the time. It wasn’t right. They were still in the throws of new passion. This could all fizzle out at any moment.

Thoughts broke off as that delicious little tingle started in his belly. It shivered back to the base of his spine, down through the crack of his ass to his balls. “Yohji, I’m gonna come.”


Omi fell back onto his bed, eagerly receiving Ken’s weight mere seconds later. Ken’s mouth found his again and they got lost in kissing. He could do this forever! He had no idea if Ken was an expert at this or not, but what he was doing was just grand to Omi!

He was the one to grab Ken’s shirt and pull it up to expose his back. He just needed to touch all that wonderful skin. Such smooth softness over such steely hardness. He squirmed. And gasped.

They both gasped.

Obviously—at least to Omi—neither one of them were quite prepared for the feel of their erections sliding against each other. Omi wore faded, worn jeans but Ken only wore cotton shorts.

“Shit, Omi!” Ken groaned into the bend of Omi’s neck. He ground his hips into Omi’s. “That feels fucking good!”

Omi shuddered at the sensation, flattening his hands on Ken’s back. “Yeah.”

“Omi, I’ve never—“ kiss, “—done this—“ kiss, “—with a guy before.”

Omi’s giggle was breathless. He toed off his sneakers, letting them thump to the floor. “You’ve pretty much told me that before, Ken.”

Ken actually bit the taut muscle of Omi’s neck. God, that felt good! “I want…”

“Do it, Ken, please. I want you. I really, really want you.”


Yohji clutched Aya’s hips, clamping down with his lips on the delicious cock in his mouth. If Aya wouldn’t let him speak—and prevented him by sticking things in his mouth—then he damn well hoped the redhead got the impression that he was not to move away. This time Yohji was going to taste him.

It all happened in a rush. Yohji growled in frustration when he gagged slightly, but he was proud of himself for swallowing just about all of what Aya fed to him. Darkly, salty sweet, just like Aya.

Aya ripped his head back by the hair and bent over to take Yohji’s mouth with his. He opened gladly, only getting hotter when he realized that Aya was tasting himself. He moaned, clutching and pulling Aya’s pants so that they fell halfway down his legs.

“Don’t worry, Yotan,” Aya whispered wetly over his lips. “I haven’t forgotten what you said before I left.”

Yohji sighed happily.

“Get up on the bed. On your back. Show me the gorgeous body I get to ravish.”

That word! Yohji nearly melted at the sound. Eagerly, he complied, scooting to the middle of the bed. Then, on his back, with feet pointed toward Aya, he bent his knees and spread wide.

Aya watched him with a predatory smile. Slowly, he shed his pants. Then Yohji realized that the blowjob was to take the edge off. Aya was still hard but he’d be more in control. Yohji, on the other hand, was dying.

“Don’t touch it,” Aya snapped when he saw Yohji’s hand creeping toward his weeping cock.

Yohji whined in earnest, obeying the no talking rule, but only barely.

Unconcerned, the angel of death opened the drawer in Yohji’s nightstand and brought out the lube. “Having difficulties, Kudoh?”

Yohji glared.

“Should I tie you up?”

Yohji’s eyes went wide and he whimpered in what he hoped was an adorable fashion.

Aya climbed up on the bed, kneeling between Yohji’s thighs. He dropped the lube between his knees and leaned forward, bracing himself over Yohji. “No, I think you’ll behave this time. Won’t you, Yotan?”

Yohji slid his palms up Aya’s forearms to his biceps, needing to touch him but unsure how much Aya would allow in his present mood. Smooth, cool skin warmed to his touch.

Aya leaned in, twisting his neck just slightly so that one long eartail brushed over Yohji’s lips. “Did you miss me, Kudoh?”

Yohji opened his mouth, eyes locked on Aya’s, silently asking permission.

Aya smiled. “Good boy. You can speak.”

Yohji glared at bit at being treated like a pet. Then realized that he was loving being this particular man’s pet and let it go. “Yes, I missed you.”

Aya’s biceps bulged nicely as he lowered himself to lightly press his lips to Yohji’s. “Did you think about me fucking you?”

“God yes.”

“You still want it?”


“You ever done it before?”

“Uh… once.”

A red eyebrow shot up. “Didn’t like it?”

“Not really.”

Aya chuckled, kissing him again. “We don’t have to do it this way, Yohji.”

“No!” He caught Aya when he would have shifted away. He pulled until they were flush together, his erection tucked against the hard muscles of Aya’s belly. “I want it. I want you. Inside me.”

Aya smoothed a hand through his hair. “Are you sure?”



Ken just did what he always did, trusted his instincts. Lips playing with Omi’s, he shifted in order to get his hand to Omi’s waist. Easily, he yanked the younger man’s shirt up then slid his hand up underneath. Warm, smooth skin. Surprisingly hard muscles for such a slim frame. He found a nipple only because it raked his palm and made Omi squirm. Liking the effect, he tweaked the sensitive little nub. Omi whined.

Oh God, he had to do more! He raked the shirt up farther, grateful when Omi helped by squirming out of it. He braced himself on all fours above the younger man, just looking and breathing for a long, beautiful moment.

Omi reached up to comb a hand through his hair. The expression of pure happiness on his face clutched Ken’s heart, like it always did. He’d do anything to keep that look plastered on Omi’s face. He wanted to say something but couldn’t find words, so he used his mouth to worship Omi’s body instead. He tasted the curve of Omi’s shoulder, traced the definition of each pectoral. He laved attention on Omi’s nipples, reveling when Omi’s arms wrapped around him. He slid out of his shirt when Omi tugged, then lay flush against his new obsession.

Omi’s eager hands slid into the back of his shorts, taking him by surprise. He jumped and the little devil used his momentary distraction to push him over on his back.

“Hey!” he protested.

Omi laughed, straddling him. “I’ve waited long enough to get my hands on you, Ken,” he said, hands yanking the elastic of Ken’s shorts.

Ken gaped, shocked. “What… ungh!”

Omi had his hot, nimble fingered hand wrapped around Ken’s cock and pulled just right, chasing every coherent thought out of Ken’s brain.

Ken barely registered that Omi had leaned back over him, lips hovering over his. That hand was doing marvelous things to his hard-on. Cornflower blue eyes twinkled down at him. “Feel good, Ken-kun?”


Aya pressed fingers to the sensitive spot underneath Yohji’s balls, making the other man groan. He smiled and poured lube all over that hand, slathering moisture all over. He was bound and determined that Yohji was going to enjoy this. Lubrication and arousal were the key. He glanced at the nearly purple erection that twitched on Yohji’s belly. Arousal was already well accomplished.

He cupped a wet palm around Yohji’s balls. Squeezing, pulling, enjoying the way that lanky body writhed. Yohji growled, grabbing a pillow to give his hands something to do. Aya smeared lube on his other hand and slid it base to weeping tip up Yohji’s cock. The effect was marvelous. Like his own wire had him about the chest, Yohji arched toward the ceiling, balanced on butt and shoulders. His heels dug into the mattress to either side of Aya and his long arms were outflung. The keening cry that tore from his throat was delicious. Aya fed his pleasure by pumping his cock, fingering the sensitive spots just underneath the head. He waited until he was sure Yohji was lost in pleasure before dipping the wet fingers of his other hand to find that hidden entrance. Carefully he traced it, feeling it flex with Yohji’s writhing. He watched carefully, judged it precisely, and when the timing was right, he slid his middle finger in.


He had him! Omi had Ken’s cock in his hands. He knew he should reach for the lube. He would in a second. But he couldn’t make himself release that marvelously hot piece of flesh any more than he could tear his eyes away from the pure, animal ecstasy on Ken’s face. Not to mention the sounds! Ken made some of the same noises when he practiced.

Omi nipped Ken’s chin, pressing his own hips into his hands and Ken’s cock for added pressure. Finally it was too much. With a cry, he pulled back and leaned over toward the nightstand.

Ken regained his wits while Omi was occupied. His eyes went wide when Omi straightened, still straddling his hips, with a bottle of lube in hand.

“Where’d you get that?”

Omi rolled his eyes, popping the cap. “Please, Ken, what healthy man doesn’t have lube handy?”

He nearly laughed at the flabbergasted look on Ken’s face. “You…?”

Then he did laugh. “What? Jerk off? Jeez, Ken, how innocent do you think I am?”

Ken gulped, his hands gripping—unconsciously, Omi thought—at Omi’s thighs. “I guess I didn’t think.”

Omi grinned, watching Ken’s face as he poured lube into his hand. “Don’t think, Ken-kun.” He reached down to take hold of that beautiful cock again. “You let me do the thinking for awhile.”


“Good… Aya… So fucking… Aaghy!”

Yohji had no idea what he was saying and didn’t fucking care. Aya could read his mind. Aya was completely in charge and Yohji was more than happy to have given up the reins. His body was on fire. Aya’s hands were the center of his existence. The one on his cock seemed to have a dozen fingers and a mouth of its own. And the other one tunneling into his backside…

The first finger didn’t hurt at all. He was too busy pumping at Aya’s hand to hardly notice it. Until Aya hit what must have been his prostate because something gathered in his balls and had him about ready to come.

“Aya… Aya… Fuck… Aya…”

His hips pumped uncontrollably, shifting him into Aya’s hand in one direction and impaling him on two… then three of Aya’s fingers. It almost burned now, but the burn was part of the building, agonizing pleasure that Aya was building.

Where had he learned to do this?! What god did Yohji have to worship for sending him Aya? Because he was now a fucking convert. A life-long devotee.

He grabbed his own sweaty hair, having to hold something, knowing he daren’t reach for Aya because the bastard might stop this exquisite torture.

Fingers slid out of his ass. He whimpered, arching, seeking, wanting them back. “God, Aya, no. Want… please…”

“Oh, you’re getting, Yotan.”

Swallowing, Yohji glanced down. Through sweat soaked bangs, he saw Aya poised between his legs. The hand on his cock paused. The other hand hidden, but he knew what it held. Knew where the cock that it held was pointed. The look Aya gave him would have melted steel.

Aya pressed forward.


Ken was dying. Omi was jerking him off with a skill a virgin shouldn’t have. Although, what guy over fifteen didn’t know how to pump a cock?

“Shit, Omi.”

Omi leaned over him, close enough so that the head of his cock grazed the younger man’s stomach on each upstroke. His other arm was braced beside Ken’s shoulder. Dark blond hair shrouded each side of his beautiful round face. Ken reached up to frame it, to bring those swollen lips to his, even as his body twitched with impending orgasm.

“Come for me, Ken,” Omi breathed, swiping his tongue over Ken’s mouth.

It was the words coming from that sweet mouth that did it. Ken’s balls drew up and he shuddered on a moan, shooting off in Omi’s hand and all over his own bare belly.


So tight!

It had been ages since Aya had been inside anyone with anything other than his katana. He had to stop and pause halfway in, just to breathe and clear his mind. Otherwise, he’d come. The blowjob had helped him maintain sanity, but Yohji was too fucking sexy in his wild abandon.

“Aya, please, Aya please,” Yohji panted. Strong fingers dug into his shoulders. The impossibly long leg that wasn’t draped over Aya’s elbow wrapped around his hips, pulling him further into heaven. “Aya more…”

He groaned, slumping forward, his weight and the leg around him hilting him inside that hot, tight cavern. He shuddered. Opening his eyes, he found himself staring down at Yohji’s cock as it twitched on his belly. He fervently wished he was flexible enough to bend down and take it in his mouth and had to smile at that bit of silliness.


He chuckled, looking up. Yohji glared down at him. “What do you want, Yotan?”

Emerald eyes hooded and the smile was positively wicked. It probably matched his own. “Fuck me.”


Omi yelped when Ken flipped him over. “Ken, wait…”


His heart raced at the growl. He was quite glad that the bugnuks weren’t on Ken’s hands because he was pretty sure they would’ve slashed his jeans. Instead, Ken practically ripped his jeans open and yanked them and underwear halfway down his legs. His yelp of alarm melted into a cry of purest pleasure when Ken swooped down to take his cock in his mouth.

“God, Ken!”

His legs were trapped, both by jeans and Ken’s body. Frustrated, he clutched at Ken’s silky hair but frustration was short-lived.

Ken devoured him, using an amazingly agile tongue to do things that Omi had never managed to do with his own hands. And the suction! Omi whimpered, not sure that Ken wasn’t going to suck it off. Was quite sure he wasn’t going to complain because it felt fabulous. His hips pumped toward Ken’s mouth eagerly. Ken’s strong hand wrapped around the base of his cock, the other hand and forearm pressed low on Omi’s belly to hold him in place.

“Ken, ah! Ken, God, oh… grggh…” He dissolved into a puddle of consonants, unable to form a thought, his entire body straining into the mouth that tormented him.

He couldn’t have warned Ken if he tried. His back curled, his body up and twining around Ken’s head, his fingernails scrabbling at Ken’s back as his orgasm drew up and shot out.


Slide. Slap. Delicious friction. Yohji braced himself on the bed, arms spread wide, eager for the punishing abuse of Aya pounding into him. One leg up against Aya’s chest, the other wrapped around Aya’s slim hips, Yohji’s body greedily accepted Aya’s cock. Opening. Welcoming. Shit how did he do that? That fucking spot that…

Aya’s hand on his cock again, pumping him. God, so good! Oh man…!

I love you!!

And he would have said it too, if his vocal abilities hadn’t been reduced to whimpers and groans and pleading sighs.

More. More. Faster, harder. Had to end soon or he’d explode but sweet God don’t ever let this end. Want this feeling forever. Want this man for eternity. Need to have…

Blinding, agonizing need shot through him, obliterating his spine, exploding his spine and shooting hot lava from his cock. His entire body folded in itself until, by some magic of the universe, it ended up folding back out without changing direction.

That keening cry was him.

That guttural shout was Aya.

The glowing, shaking puddle of flesh and bones in the aftermath were two souls merged into one.

Yohji fleetingly wondered if Aya knew it.

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    1. I did continue with On the Run, which I see you’ve read. I really would love to get back to the WK boys one day but I’ve got two problems: 1) time, none of which I have, and 2) a story. I seriously don’t know what happens next O_O

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    I did start the sequel to this fic. It’s here on the site. I just haven’t updated it in like… *blush* forever. I’ve been trying to get back to it, but I’m stuck on the details.
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    -4 I’d like nothing more than to tell U how much I -througly- enjoyed Ur Captivating Charecterizations, Wickeldy Witty banter, completely Compellingly enthralling character-interactins, Wonderfull writing-style, spellbinding storylines, Refreshing Originality & ur Delishiously DIVINE, Sentually SIZZLING H-O-T-as-Hell Sex scene’s ;D!-
    But I’m afraid as my brain has melted into a puddle of Goo, -from the sensory overload of trying to take in such Overwhelming talent- Thus creating my dilemma of wanting to tell U how much I absolutely ADORED this FABULOUS fic & yet in my utterly BLOWN-Away state not being able to find the words to do so appropriately :'{!!
    There4 I’m asking u to simply believe me when I say this = most FASCINATING fic, I’ve found in a long time & it would be Incredibly cruel to leave all the -utterly ADDICTED- fangirlz out there DESPERATE 4 an update hanging with this Unbelievably E-V-O-L cliffie*_*!!! So PLZZZ update Soon & let me know at the_real_amelia@hotmail.com when u do, so that I can come bother u with more of my randome Rambling/ Ranting/ Raving/ ALL of the above disguised as a Review ;-D!!!
    *Gives U the Patented-Pleading-Puppy-Eyes-Omi-look^_^! topped off with the Tm-U-KNOW-U-W-A-N-T!!-To-Yohji-Smirk ^_~!!!*

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