Weiß Kruez – Night Out – Part 3 of 6

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© 2005 Jet Mykles for the story. The characters however are not mine. Click here for more info on these beautiful kitties. Or check out the Bishonenworks WK gallery, which is where my obsession began.

Authors note: This is a work of love. Pure fan fiction. I get no payment or kickback out of this except pure enjoyment and a wish to share the image of Aya, Yohji, Ken and Omi in my head.



Yohji stared at the ceiling, wondering what the hell he’d just done.

Aya’s heart beat in time to his and the time was racing. Unthinking, seeking comfort, Yohji pressed his cheek against Aya’s head, distracting himself with the silkiness of his hair. He so didn’t want to think about it. He just wanted to enjoy before something like reality interfered.

Aya lightly nipped his neck, causing gooseflesh to break out over Yohji’s arms and shoulders. Chuckling softly, Aya pushed up. The relaxed, warm look on his face was simply priceless and Yohji drank it in for the brief moment that Aya made eye contact. Yohji felt like he should say something but he was at a complete loss as to what that might be. The violet gaze—a deep, almost black in the moonlight—told him nothing.

Yohji caught his arm when he shifted to leave. “Where are you going?”

Aya cocked a brow at him. “To get a towel.” He gestured at the various bodily fluids making their bellies glisten in the moonlight.

“Ah. Right.” One of the hazards of sex with men. Twice the amount of spunk.

Aya got to his feet and left the room, buck naked. Yohji lay on his side, spread out over the king sized bed, watching that trim ass disappear. The trim ass that he’d just been buried hilt-deep in.

When he was sure Aya was out of hearing, he took a long, trembling breath.

What had they just done?

He reached for the cigarettes and ashtray on the windowsill above the bedside table. He lit up then sat up to crack the window. He sat back against the wall and stared at the doorway, hearing the sound of running water from across the hall.

Aya came back, crossing to the bed. He glanced at the cigarette but said nothing.

Yohji reached for the damp washrag but Aya slapped his hand away. With a wicked little smile, he set to wiping Yohji down. Except, he used a bit more caressing care than could be considered merely “cleaning”.

“Mmmm,” Yohji moaned on an exhale of smoke when Aya bent to lick his nipple. He could do this. If Aya was game, they didn’t have to talk. They could fill the night with plenty of other things.

He hissed when Aya bit, squirmed when Aya laved the hurt with his tongue.

Enough of that. It was his turn.

He stubbed out his cigarette then caught the washrag Aya had abandoned on his belly and tossed it to the floor. Aya backed off enough to see what he was going to do, leaving Yohji ample room to grip his shoulder and his waist and flip him over on his back. He knew way too much about Aya not to realize that the swordsman was allowing himself to be pounced on. In a real tousle, Yohji might win but it certainly wouldn’t be that easy. Yohji gathered Aya’s hand up above his head, pressing deceptively slim wrists to the pillows. Aya mock-glared up at him even as he spread his legs to create an inviting cradle for Yohji to settle his hips. Yohji grinned and leaned in to sample those lips, still amazed at just how soft they were. Aya lay pliant for him, following Yohji’s lead in the gentle lip-play that led to extended tongue-play. He lost himself to it, content to devour Aya for hours.

Aya, however, didn’t stay content. He squirmed under Yohji, making them both aware of the renewed erections they both sported. The wrists Yohji still held twisted in a feeble effort to escape. Yohji had a fleeting thought to fetch his wire.

Instead, he transferred his kisses to Aya’s cheek, to his ear. “Whatsa matter, Aya? Trying to get away so soon?”


That growl that had meant the imminent deaths of so many made Yohji’s blood surge. He bit Aya’s ear, loving the gasp.

“God, Aya, you taste so good.” He swirled his tongue along the rim of one delicate ear. “Does all of you taste this good?”

“Find out,” came the demand.

“Yes, Aya-chan,” Yohji purred, ducking down to nibble one side of Aya’s long neck. “Whatever you say, Fujimiya-san.”


Fucking Kudoh! Stop talking!

Aya bit his lips over the words. He would not scare Yohji off. He still wasn’t entirely sure that this wasn’t Yohji’s first time with a man. It’s why he’d decided to be the uke for their first time. Well, that and he’d really wanted to feel Yohji buried deep inside him. And he hadn’t been disappointed. This was the only time in his life that he had ever craved a lover beyond the first act. Usually, he was quite done the first time and a second round was more work than it seemed worth. But with Yohji it was different. Once wasn’t enough. His body tingled, his skin aching from the slide of those skilled hands and the touch of that mouth.

Yohji’s magical, mobile lips trailed over his collarbone and down over his chest. A clever tongue found his nipple and traced it.

“Yohji,” he moaned.

He wanted to say more. He wanted to grab the man and inform him in no uncertain terms that he’d just been branded and owned, but he couldn’t do that. He couldn’t scare him. Because Yohji would run. Perhaps not physically, but he’d draw inside himself. Like he had when he’d been obsessed with Neu. Like he had with that other girl who’d looked so like Asuka. Aya couldn’t bear to think of Yohji withdrawing now, not when he finally had those wire-nimble hands on his flesh.

Yohji squeezed his wrists, a clear indication that he wished Aya to keep his hands where they were. Aya decided to comply, shivering as Yohji skimmed his hands down Aya’s arms as he lowered his body to reach the muscles of Aya’s belly. Aya twisted his wrists to clutch handfuls of sheet, giving them something to hold so that he wouldn’t reach down to flip Yohji over. He dearly wanted to sink inside that long, lanky body, but he…

A shuddering moan escaped from him when Yohji’s warm lips slid over the head of his cock. The mouth that had haunted his dreams was finally where it belonged, those lips closing around the rim of the head and that tongue prodding at the tip.

“Yoh-ji!” he gasped, hips pulsing of their own accord.

Yohji hummed, settling down between Aya’s legs. Aya spread wide, giving that warm body ample room to work.


Yohji had only done this once and hadn’t been paying much attention then, to be honest. But this time, he wanted to remember every precious inch of the cock in his mouth. He wanted to know it all. He wanted to feel it twitch, make it grow. He tried to swallow the whole thing and caught himself gagging and vowed that he’d be able to do this enough time to practice that particular move. He settled down to sucking and licking in a way he knew would feel good if he was on the receiving end. It thrilled him that giving turned him on almost as much.


God, his voice got deeper when he was turned on! How fucking sexy was that?

One slim, strong leg pulled up to wrap around Yohji’s chest. So different from a woman. Warm and soft, yes, but harder underneath. Stronger.

Something knocked his head. He opened an eye to see the bottle of lube. Keeping firm hold of the base of Aya’s cock with one hand, he freed his mouth. “What?”

Aya stared down the length of his chest and belly. “Lube up and fuck me, Kudoh.”

Yohji stuck his tongue out to swipe over the head of the cock in his hand. “But I was enjoying myself.”

The bottle knocked his head again, harder this time.

He glared up at those violet eyes. “Be nice to the man with his teeth near your cock.”

Aya didn’t seem cowed. Although he still glared, Yohji was pretty sure there was amusement there. “I don’t know how to be nice. Fuck me or I’ll gut you, Balinese.”

Yohji burst out laughing. He buried his face in the bend between Aya’s thigh and groin, just reveling in the beautiful irony of the moment. Still chuckling, he rose up onto his knees and took the lube. “Yes, Aya-chan.”

Aya’s glare somehow incorporated a grin. Yohji didn’t know how Aya managed that. While Yohji poured ample liquid onto his palm, Aya twisted and got on his hands and knees. Yohji again got to admire that firm ass, presented for his pleasure.

“God, Aya,” he murmured, sliding his dry hand from the small of Aya’s back to his shoulder and back again, marveling at the expanse of smooth satiny skin.

“Yohji, if you’re not inside me by the time I count to ten…”

Smiling, Yohji slid his dry hand down to part the firm globes of Aya’s ass. “You’ll what, Aya?”


Yohji pointed his cock at the puckered opening that was still stretched and red from the last time he’d been there.


He released his cock to smooth his wet hand through Aya’s crack.

“Three… ah… Four… Five…”

The “ah” because Yohji slid two fingers easily in and out.

He removed his fingers and took hold of his cock again.


He rubbed the tip against that stretched opening.

“God damn it! Seven…”

Aya tried to push back but Yohji pulled up a little so just the length of his cock slid up the crack of Aya’s ass. God that felt good!


The growl was back. He positioned the head again.

“Nine… Fuck!”

In the end, Yohji couldn’t wait for ten. He jammed the head in and froze, momentarily frightened by Aya’s exclamation. Had he really hurt him? “Aya?”

“More, Kudoh. More!”

Yohji smiled, purred, and pushed in.

“Fuck, Aya,” he moaned, bending down to hover over Aya. He was tall enough to kiss Aya’s shoulder easily.

“Yohji, please.”

If he hadn’t been close, Yohji wasn’t sure he would have heard the plea. He peeked at Aya’s profile, partially visible beneath a ragged mop of hair. The look on that heavenly face was either pure bliss or pure agony.

“What, Aya?” He wasn’t trying to tease. He really needed to know what Aya wanted.

“Fuck me, Kudoh. God, please fucking fuck me.”

The words caught hold of Yohji and burst somewhere beneath his belly. Heat surged through his body and need took over. He clutched Aya to him and rolled his hips in that priceless, age-old rhythm that a body just naturally did. The little groans and mewls that pushed from Aya spurred him on, chorused by strange sounds that spilled form his own mouth. They struggled together as Yohji’s cock pistoned deep inside of Aya’s body, finding a home he never would have imagined was so damn good.

He slid his hand down Aya’s belly and found his cock, pumping it in time to his thrusts. Needing to make the redhead as crazy as he. Needing to sate Aya’s needs as much as he needed to sate his own.

Aya collapsed forward onto his elbows, clutching at the sheets beneath him. Yohji leaned in with him, laving Aya’s sweaty shoulder, pumping Aya’s cock, reaming Aya’s ass.

Making Aya his!

Need clutched his balls and, with a cry, he spilled deep into Aya. He must have gripped extra hard, because Aya came second after he did. For the second time in one night, they collapsed together to the sheets, spent.

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