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Dark Elves: SalvationDark Elves III: Salvation and Dark Elves IV: Dissent are now available in a combined print version.

  • ISBN-10: 159632676X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1596326767

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Another fabulous cover by Anne Cain.

Please note that the print version doesn’t include the interior illustrations that are in the ebooks.

Blurb for Dark Elves III: Salvation:

Irin was raised among the raedjourdark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure. When Irin was a toddler, sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustful urges of those around her. Under that spell and the watchful eyes of her protectors, Irin has a happy, if unique childhood as a human girl among all raedjour boys.

But she’s a woman now, and it’s time for the spell to be lifted. It’s time for her to find out what it means to be taken and mastered by the raedjour — and to find her truemate among them.

Savous and Radin. Apprentice and master. They’ve been a pair for centuries and have helped to watch over Irin her whole life. There’s no doubt in either of their minds that one of them will be the first to introduce Irin into the world of sexual pleasures.

But there’s more to Irin than anyone knew. Will her passion be the destruction of the lifelong bond between two men? Or the salvation of an entire race?

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Blurb for Dark Elves IV: Dissent:

Marisol’s brother Geriman killed her husband, so now the two of them are on the run. Out of options, they take their chances on a trip through the Dark Forest, but they’re captured by the “dark denizens” that they’d been warned about. These beautifully cruel elves take them into the darkness and use them for selfish, sexual pleasure.

No human has ever been born who can withstand the full force of raedjour sexual pleasures for long. Jarak and his men are dispatched to rescue Marisol and her brother, but they come too late. They save them from death, but now there is a quandary. What to do with the traumatized humans?

Life among the raedjour is in upheaval and traditions of the last four thousand cycles of seasons may not apply. And Jarak’s and Marisol’s attraction isn’t going to make things any easier.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pleasured nearly to death?

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