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EXCERPT – Reindeer Games

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


©2010 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

There was a subdued pop far overhead. One moment there was only the pale sliver of moon and stars twinkling in the blanket of midnight sky. Then, from a faint sparkling of a cloud that wasn’t a cloud, emerged the silhouette of a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer.

“Here they come.” Pol pointed needlessly. They all knew what was there.

Lon watched with the rest of the handlers, captivated by the sight regardless of having seen it nightly over the past few months. At first, the sleigh and its chargers looked like little flying dolls, coasting shapes against the stars. Then they became more distinct as they neared. Reindeer galloping on air. The magical sleigh seemed weightless behind them. Even closer and the soft trill of jingle bells filled the air.

“Welcome home,” one of the handlers behind Lon and Pol murmured. Continue reading EXCERPT – Reindeer Games

EXCERPT – Heaven Sent: Pretty Red Ribbon

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series Heaven Sent excerpts

This title is in transition.


©2006 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Tyler stared at the silent television. Christmas music drifted through the air from the closed bedroom door. Had Johnnie gone to bed? It was only nine o’clock, absurdly early for him even if the two of them had been up most of the previous night. They’d spent Christmas Eve and this morning at Amy’s house, enjoying Tyler’s young nieces’ Christmas cheer. But tonight was supposed to be for him and Johnnie. Their first Christmas as a married couple.

Tyler sighed, closing his eyes in defeat. His fault. He shouldn’t have left. Or he should have allowed them to go away for the night as Johnnie suggested. He turned toward the closed bedroom door and headed for it, ready to face the music. Christmas music, that is. Of course, the faint strains of holiday cheer coming from the bedroom didn’t mean Johnnie was awake. He often liked to listen to music as he went to sleep.

Tyler saw the scrap of thick, red, faux velvet ribbon sticking out from under the door, lit by a soft light that peeped through the crack. Stalling, he bent to pick it up but it proved to be longer than he thought. He pulled until it resisted, attached to something. Continue reading EXCERPT – Heaven Sent: Pretty Red Ribbon

EXCERPT – Spiritual Noelle, A Sister Leashed Story

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Leashed excerpts

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


©2006 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

No sooner had I settled my butt on the rug than Daniel leaned forward to grab my arms and shake me.

“Don’t sleep with him!”

I blinked, completely caught off guard. “Excuse me?”

He knelt before me, eyes narrowed. “I’ve watched you. I figured it out. You came back to sleep with Jake!”

“No, I didn’t …” Not entirely. Continue reading EXCERPT – Spiritual Noelle, A Sister Leashed Story