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Correction: New Leashed print

After posting about it late, turns out I also gave wrong information about the new Leashed print volume. At least, about the link to Amazon that I provided.

The link below leads to the page for the PRINT volume that contains both stories 1 and 2. But the KINDLE link on the page is only for story #2. The cover art is the same, but the title text is different.

I’m very, very sorry for any confusion.

New Leashed print volume

I’ve been remiss in mentioning it, but there’s a new Leashed print volume available.

It’s called More Than a Bargain and has the same cover as the ebook version of the second book in the series, but this print volume includes Two For One Deal  as well.

The link (image) below leads to the Amazon print page. It’s also available on Kindle.

So, now you can buy the first two books without having to buy an anthology.

I’ll update the books pages soon.

EXCERPT – Leashed 4: Tangled Leashes

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Leashed excerpts

Leashed 4: Tangled LeashesRelease Date April 24, 2012

Pairing: m/m/f; m/m/m/f

Available in ebook at Loose Id

Available in ebook from ARe

Available on Kindle at Amazon

Also available in print at Amazon

Available in ebook at Barnes & Noble

Also available in print at Barnes & Noble

This one is about Meg, Michael, Rudy and Logan (remember him?), following along with things that were introduced in Leashed 3: The Lion’s Share. By necessity, description of this one contains spoilers for the last book so read ahead cautiously.


Sometimes we get what we never wanted, and Meg never wanted to be grand dame. Now that she’s got the job, she’s doing her damnedest to do it right. But it’s far from a one woman show.

Michael is the one who really should be running the show, but his newly discovered magic powers make managing his own life almost too much to handle. Then there’s Rudy. Sweet Rudy who is all about doing everything he can, but who’s just too young and inexperienced to be much help. So what’s a busy grand dame to do?

Lucky for Meg, she’s got one more shapeshifter to lean on. Connections, personality and background make Logan uniquely suited to be Meg’s righthand man, at least in the public eye. Problem is, he claims to be in love with her. It’s not that she doesn’t think he’s great — because she does — but there’s no more room in her bed or her heart for another man.

Just to make matters worse, a witch and a shapeshifter from Michael’s past arrive in LA asking for help.

Great. Just… great.

Cover art by (the fabulous) Anne Cain


©2012 Jet Mykles, All Rights Reserved

Logan got out of the limo before me and did the polite thing to hand me out. The paving stones were cool underneath my stockinged feet, but I could deal with that better than the heels, so I carried my shoes. There was enough alcohol in my system to give me a pleasant buzz without throwing me off balance. A gentle spring breeze kicked up to bring me the mellowing scents of the garden.

“Good night, gentlemen.” I smiled for our driver, then minced over to the smooth marble of the steps leading to the front door. I was halfway up before the engine revved and the limo headed toward the garage. Yeah, it was ours. Crazy, I know, but so much easier than renting, given how often we needed one these days.

I turned to face Logan when I heard footsteps following me. “Where are you going?” His car was parked in the little nook over to our left.

He kept his hands in his pockets, cutting a rather rakish figure in the soft porch light. With his jacket tucked back behind his wrists and the soft moonlight streaming down on him, he could have been in a photo shoot for GQ. “I’m staying here tonight.”


He raised a brow. “Objections?”

It wasn’t all that odd. The house was ridiculously large, with lots of space even given the dozen or so people who lived there. There were extra bedrooms and a few parlors with perfectly sleep-able couches. There was also a bunkhouse with a bunch more rooms. Logan had stayed over before.

“No.” I turned back to the door to open it. No locks. Not when you had to go through three security gates, at least four different kinds of magical shields, plus a team of patrolling shifters. “Not as long as you checked with Chloe or Deidre first.” My fellow coven members had taken over the house administrative duties, and I was more than happy to leave it in their capable hands.

My back tingled as he followed me into the shadowed hallway. “Deidre’s got my rooms reserved for a long-time stay.”

I stopped again and faced him. “You’re moving in?”

He took a step closer, bringing him within arm’s distance. “Would that bother you?” Continue reading EXCERPT – Leashed 4: Tangled Leashes

And we’re done

Woohoo! Doin’ the happy dance here because I just sent a readable draft of Leashed 4: Tangled Leashes to my beta readers. And I even think I’m happy with it.

So excuse me while I celebrate… *cues the music*

And, yes, for those who have and haven’t noticed, I’ve queued the second Indigo Knights book for my next project. Haven’t started yet, but will do so probably toward the end of November.

Tangled Leashes – Leashed 4 gets a title

And I title’s got to mean I’ve made headway, yes? Yes! I think I’ve finally — FINALLY — figured this puppy out and might even be close to finishing. Certainly in the next few weeks.

New title is Tangled Leashes and, boy, is it descriptive of the story. Lots going on and it’s the details now that’s slowing me down. Making sure I’ve got the flippin’ magic right. Geez, it’s my world, you’d think it’d be easier for me. Ha!

So that’s my small update. I’ll keep you posted.