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Questions about Indigo Knights

Since I seem to be getting a lot of random questions in a lot of different places, let me see if I can’t answer some of the most asked questions in one easier to find place.

Question: When is book 2 coming out?

Answer: Don’t know. Really. Haven’t started writing it and I’ve got at least 2, possibly 3 projects to finish before I can get to it. I hope for 2011 but I’m not sure.

Question: When is Squire coming out in print?

Answer: Looks like books 1 and 2 will be packaged together like books 1 and 2 of Heaven Sent. So the answer to the print question depends on the answer to when book 2 is coming out. See above.

Question: Is book 2 Danny’s story?

Answer: Don’t think so. I’m pretty sure book 2 is Lance’s story. Unfortunately, I didn’t think ahead to include more than a mention of him in book 1. Sorry.

Question: Will you write short interludes for the Indigo Knights like you did for Heaven Sent?

Answer: Don’t know. The shorts were each written for a holiday call that Loose Id put out that year — 2007, I believe — and the timing just happened to be right to provide one for each of the couples. I’m not against writing the shorts and I know they’re neat but the timing is off this time. How about “maybe”? I’ll add an “I’ll try”.

Question: Will you put out a T-shirt for Indigo Knights like you did for Heaven Sent?

Answer: I’d like to. If so, it probably won’t happen until all four main books are done, at least.

Question: Will you release any more artwork for Indigo Knights/Heaven Sent?

Answer: Again it has to be “don’t know”. Remember, I’m not the artist for HS/IK. If I want artwork, I have to pay for it. PL Nunn is a wonderful and generous artist who has yet to provide me with anything less than stunning, but I have to wait until it’s the right time. I can’t afford all the lovely artwork I’d love to commission and I can’t monopolize her time.

OK, that’s all the questions I can think of at the moment. Any more?