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EXCERPT – Heaven Sent: Sly Spectral Trick

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This title is in transition.


©2007 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Chris turned and crossed the hardwood floor on socked feet to stand before Darien. The smell of mint and wet dirt made Darien look at the bowl. Yep, mud. While he was still frowning at the bowl, Chris kissed his cheek then reached beside him, using a knuckle to flip on the recessed lighting that lined the ceiling along two walls. Violet-tinged shadows fled and the soft glow filled the bedroom. Giving Darien a brief smile, Chris turned and rounded their California king bed to the other window. Continue reading EXCERPT – Heaven Sent: Sly Spectral Trick

A Ghost Story

© 2005 Jet Mykles

A witch has an unusual manner of exorcism.

It may be of note that I’ve wondered if this witch lives in the Leashed world.

Humming softly, I walked straight through the unlocked doorway. It was rather easy, since the door itself had fallen from deteriorated hinges and lay rotting on the threshold. The moment I got through the opening, the howling started. Strange, unearthly moans that rattled the shattered windowpanes. A chill wind agitated dust motes in the moonlit air.

“Hello to you too,” I murmured, continuing, undeterred through the hallway toward the main room at the back of the house. I studiously ignored the waving cobwebs that dangled above and I refused to hear the scrabbling of what had to be rats—or worse—from the shadowed corners. Continue reading A Ghost Story