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Birth of a Blog

Perhaps you know and perhaps you don’t that I maintain my own website. OK, I don’t do all the coding, I leave that to the WordPress team and the terrific people who make the freebie themes, but once it’s installed, I’m the one who tweaks it for graphics and moves stuff around. I’m the one behind the scenes installing plugins and maintaining the links. I do a lot of that at Fiction with Friction too, as well as the League of Amazing Writers.

Recently, I added another blog to my webmistress list. And today I blogged there. Visit the MLR Press Authors blog to see.

There’s a new author’s blog in town

MLR Press Authors' Blog banner


Today the MLR Press authors’ blog went live. Only has the one real post up so far but authors have already signed up to post throughout the month. Should be exciting. Add it to your bookmarks.

BTW, I’m especially proud of it since I designed the site. Well, I took the basic graphic elements and tweaked a WP theme. *pats self on back anyway*

M/M Romance discussion (blog)


“Join us this Sunday and Monday (February 22nd and 23rd) for a round table discussion with authors Ally Blue, Jamie Craig, LB Gregg, JL Langley, Josh Lanyon, K.A. Mitchell, Jet Mykles and Chris Owen.  These authors of M/M romance engage in an honest and provocative discussion of what they’re writing and why they write it. The discussion will be presented in 6 different blogs and we’ll be posting 3 new blogs on Sunday and 3 on Monday. Join the discussion about M/M romance. And of course, we’ll have book excerpts and book give aways both days.”

Should be fun, guys. I’ve seen the others’ answers to the questions and a lot of it is really interesting.