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Interview with JERR

I’m going to be interviewed by Just Erotic Romance Reviews this upcoming Sunday, December 16th. They’re going to be reviewing my website too. Eeep!!

From their promo post:

“JERR will be featuring Jet Mykles in our upcoming author interview for our December 16th issue. Ms. Mykles is a writer who has released consistently high quality romance reads that always please readers. She writes wonderfully sexy erotic romances that capture the imagination and leave you wanting more. We will also be including an article to reflect on the year past and look forward to a rewarding publication year ahead of us.

In this issue we will also be including an article to reflect on the year past and look forward to a rewarding publication year ahead of us. We will also be reviewing Jet Mykles website to discover how readers can navigate around her website to discover what’s in store for your reading pleasure.”

Ask Johnnie (date updated)

Heaven cover

So, I was introduced to this site recently. “In Their Own Words” Basic idea seems to be an author doing an interview with one of their own characters. I think that’s a fabulous idea! So I’ve decided to interview Johnnie Heaven (heaven help me!) I’ll do the interview regardless and post it here on my site at least. If the In Their Own Words site takes it too, that’d be cool.

Need your help. Post comments here with some questions you’d like answered by our own Mr. Heaven. You can ask anything you like. I can’t guarantee all questions will get included in the interview, though. Hey, you can ask questions about Tyler or the other members of the band too, if you like, but Johnnie’s going to be doing the answering.

If you’d rather ask the question less publically, you can send me an email at too. Please put “Ask Johnnie” in the subject so I can keep track of them.

******** 11/24/07 changed the date to a week earlier ***********

Let’s say you’ve got until Saturday, December 1st to ask the questions.


You may ask more than one question. As I said above, I can’t guarantee to answer all the questions, but I’ll take a look at them all.

Chat: M/M Explosion

Join me and some of my author friends at Joyfully Reviewed on Friday, October 19th. I think I’m going to actually give away a prize or 2 at this one 🙂


Time: all day

Participants: Stephanie Vaughan, Shayla Kersten, Ally Blue, Michael Barnette, Jet Mykles, Sharon Maria Bidwell, Syd McGinley, James Buchanan, Kathleen Bradeen, Kiernan Kelly & others???

Manlove Day At the Beach

Join us on July 4 ( you know you want to!! ) for a ManLove “Day at the Beach”. We’ve set this up to be very informal – the following authors will be dropping in throughout the day , chatting and posting HOT, HOT excerpts: Michael Barnette, Sharon Bidwell, James Buchanan, Anne Cain, Matthew Haldeman-Time, Jules Jones, Shayla Kersten, Rowan McBride, Jet Mykles, Barbara Sheridan and Stephanie Vaughan.

When? July 4, 2007 starting @ 10:00 Eastern


Why? Cuz it’s gonna be hotter than a firecracker! *groan*


All right, I just made my hotel reservations for Yaoicon in October! Will be sending in my registration shortly.

If all goes as planned, I should have the print version of Heaven/Purgatory with me *crosses fingers*. If nothing else, I’ll definitely have the bookmarks with me. I should even have Hell and Faith bookmarks by then as well *crosses fingers again*

I’m also probably going to be working at least part of the time at the Manloveromance booth.

Hope to see you there.