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Now available – One For The Team

Now available from Loose Id

My silly romp story is now available. Hope you enjoy!


Alex dumped her and Jen’s not sure why. Okay, he’d been her first, but she thought she’d done rather well, sexually speaking. Why did he all of a sudden tell her that it wasn’t working out? What was wrong with her?

Ken, Bart, Davey and Jason—her best friends—all try to convince her there’s nothing wrong with her. In fact they seek to prove it to her… by first-hand example. That’s all well and good until Jen starts freaking out. She’s sleeping with her best friends. All of them.

What’s up with that?

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EXCERPT: One For The Team

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


© 2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“He always was a cocksucker,” announced Jason, pouring the last of the beer from the pitcher into his thick plastic mug. His spiky blond hair glowed orange in the dark parlor lights around us. “I’m sorry I ever introduced you to him, Jen.”

“Yeah.” Bart sat up straight, raised two fingers to his lips, and whistled. When the bartender looked our way, he pointed at the empty pitcher, then held up two fingers. He reached out with one long arm and snatched up the last slice of sausage and olives. “Pussy too. Throws like a girl.” Continue reading EXCERPT: One For The Team

EXCERPT: Leashed 3: The Lion’s Share

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Leashed excerpts

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


©2008 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

Preoccupied with my own thoughts, I was caught off guard when Sharpe steered me sharply to the left and down a short hallway into what looked like a game room. A large billiards table took up most of the far side of the half-lit space, with a half dozen men gathered around it and even more women circling them. A few others milled at the near side of the room, watching a television as two men played a video game.

“Logan!” Sharpe called, raising a hand as he walked toward the men at the pool table. “I’d like you to meet someone.”

The one who’d just taken a shot straightened and turned.

Oh. My. God!

Continue reading EXCERPT: Leashed 3: The Lion’s Share

EXCERPT – Fox and Dragon

Fox and Dragon

This title is in transition.


©2007 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

The clanging alarm jolted Drake out of his light slumber. Dressed only in his skivvies, he bolted from the small bedchamber, down a short hall, and up the steep, narrow stairs into the cockpit. The shieldscreen showed him open space. Whatever threat had set off the alarm was either out of visual range or something internal. Continue reading EXCERPT – Fox and Dragon

EXCERPT – Spiritual Noelle, A Sister Leashed Story

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Leashed excerpts

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


©2006 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

No sooner had I settled my butt on the rug than Daniel leaned forward to grab my arms and shake me.

“Don’t sleep with him!”

I blinked, completely caught off guard. “Excuse me?”

He knelt before me, eyes narrowed. “I’ve watched you. I figured it out. You came back to sleep with Jake!”

“No, I didn’t …” Not entirely. Continue reading EXCERPT – Spiritual Noelle, A Sister Leashed Story

Nera and the Prince – 4

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Nera and the Prince

Here’s the next part of the freebie story. Again I warn you, this is very rough. No one’s read it but myself so there are probably mistakes. But I’m tired of looking at it.

This is part 4. You should go back and read parts 1, 2 and 3 to get the story so far.

WARNING: non-consensual sex ahead. Stop now if that squicks you.


She must have dozed for she woke in his arms. The fading sunlight streaming through the open balcony doors showed that the horrid afternoon had yet to end.

She tried not to move, not to give him any indication that she was awake. His heavy breathing suggested he was asleep but she had no idea how lightly he slept. The heat of his body seared her entire backside. The side of her face ached from his slap and the place between her legs still throbbed with awareness of the way he’d split her open.

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Continue reading Nera and the Prince – 4

A Ghost Story

© 2005 Jet Mykles

A witch has an unusual manner of exorcism.

It may be of note that I’ve wondered if this witch lives in the Leashed world.

Humming softly, I walked straight through the unlocked doorway. It was rather easy, since the door itself had fallen from deteriorated hinges and lay rotting on the threshold. The moment I got through the opening, the howling started. Strange, unearthly moans that rattled the shattered windowpanes. A chill wind agitated dust motes in the moonlit air.

“Hello to you too,” I murmured, continuing, undeterred through the hallway toward the main room at the back of the house. I studiously ignored the waving cobwebs that dangled above and I refused to hear the scrabbling of what had to be rats—or worse—from the shadowed corners. Continue reading A Ghost Story

EXCERPT – Leashed 2: More Than A Bargain

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Leashed excerpts

This title is no longer available as of June 2018.


©2006 Jet Mykles, all rights reserved

“Do you think that Roland was the only one of his kind?” The mild anger faded from Michael’s voice, and he dropped back further on the mattress, leaning on his elbows. The vivid green of the top sheet, the only covering on the bed, framed him beautifully. The position made his broad chest look even bigger. It also presented his nice fat cock to advantage. I knew it’d be warm, fragrant, and delicious if I let myself go to him to touch it.

I avoided looking at him.

“Think again, sweetheart. There are plenty of witches out there who’ll want you once they find out about you.” Continue reading EXCERPT – Leashed 2: More Than A Bargain

Nera and the Prince – 3

This entry is part 3 of 7 in the series Nera and the Prince

Please note this is #3 in a story. I highly suggest you read #1 & #2 before reading this one.

Continuing the experiment and the non-con starts.

This loosely goes with this series of images.

See the previous two chapters about how this one is mainly stream of conscious.

WARNING: non-consensual sex.

As for Aiden *sigh*. You really didn’t think I could get through a story anymore without one amazingly pretty man, did you? Oh no. I’m afraid the yaoi bug has me in its firm grip.


He pushed up off her spent body. She couldn’t have struggled if she tried. The fire had consumed her limbs and she fully expected to deteriorate and die on the spot.

Her eyes closed, she could only guess at his movements. But her guess told her that he’d moved from the bed.

Why wasn’t she dead?

She opened her eyes to see him cross the room, staggering just a bit, to a table on which sat a few bottles and glasses. He grabbed one and poured golden liquid into a glass then drank it all in one gulp. He muttered then repeated the process.

After the second drink, he took a breath, slammed down bottle and glass, and turned back to her.

Framed by fading sunlight streaming in through door open to a balcony to the right, he was beautiful. She could admit that. He reminded her of the stallions she’d seen in the herd that roamed the valley to the east of the temple. They were sleek, magnificent creatures, as was he. Continue reading Nera and the Prince – 3