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Ask Johnnie (date updated)

Heaven cover

So, I was introduced to this site recently. “In Their Own Words” Basic idea seems to be an author doing an interview with one of their own characters. I think that’s a fabulous idea! So I’ve decided to interview Johnnie Heaven (heaven help me!) I’ll do the interview regardless and post it here on my site at least. If the In Their Own Words site takes it too, that’d be cool.

Need your help. Post comments here with some questions you’d like answered by our own Mr. Heaven. You can ask anything you like. I can’t guarantee all questions will get included in the interview, though. Hey, you can ask questions about Tyler or the other members of the band too, if you like, but Johnnie’s going to be doing the answering.

If you’d rather ask the question less publically, you can send me an email at too. Please put “Ask Johnnie” in the subject so I can keep track of them.

******** 11/24/07 changed the date to a week earlier ***********

Let’s say you’ve got until Saturday, December 1st to ask the questions.


You may ask more than one question. As I said above, I can’t guarantee to answer all the questions, but I’ll take a look at them all.