Two Man Team (Team #2)

Two Man TeamReleased March 2, 2010 from Loose Id

Pairing: m/f/m, m/m

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Sequel to One For The Team but could probably stand on its own.

This’ll be Jason and Davey’s story. What, you might ask? Aren’t they straight? Well, that’s what Jason thought, anyway. Davey, as usual, has other ideas.


Others might be fooled into thinking Davey is just a computer nerd, but Jason knows better. He knows his geeky best friend is wicked to the core. So, he shouldn’t be surprised when Davey lures him into a threesome on the night of their friends’ wedding. Two guys and one girl turns out to be a pretty terrific thing, especially when watching Davey have sex is almost as exciting as knowing Davey is watching him. And the girl doesn’t seem to mind either.

One threesome leads to more, but then something changes. Now, when Davey touches him, it’s a whole new ballgame. Jason likes it…a lot, and he likes it even more when they try sex without the girl. Who knew?

But Jason’s troubles are just beginning. He sees newfound depths in their friendship. Depths he’s willing to explore. Too bad Davey doesn’t feel the same.

The past has taught Davey that happily ever after doesn’t exist and Jason is afraid he’ll never be able to change Davey’s mind.

Will Jason be able to convince his stubborn friend that true love is possible for their two man team?

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Cover by Christine Griffin

11 thoughts on “Two Man Team (Team #2)”

  1. I recently reread Two Man Team and remembered why I loved Jason and Davey… Is there any chance for a sequel with these lovely men? I just really wanna know what happened next, especially with davey’s family.

  2. hi by any chance will davey and jason have a next story? i LOVED their story and would be eager to read about them again!

  3. omg i cannot wait for team player. i loved one for the team as well as the other books of yours. please keep up the amazing writing that is your wonderful gift

  4. I finally read ‘One for the Team’. That was pretty hot, even though girls aren’t really up my alley. But I’m definitely looking forward to the next book. I love your stories. Thanks for writing and sharing them.

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