Spiritual Noelle, A Sister Leashed Story

Rated X-mas
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Leashed: Spiritual Noelle

Released December 12, 2006

Pairing: m/f; m/m/f

  • ISBN-10: 1596321512
  • ISBN-13: 978-1596321519

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Available in print at Barnes & Noble

This is not a story in the Leashed main story line. It’s a “sister” Leashed story, which means that it’s not about Meg, Michael and Rudy but it’s in their world. This story is about Noelle, Meg’s sister and the two men that she’s fallen in love with.

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The army called the Grand Dame of the Northeast US for help with a spirit witch whose powers had grown out of control. She sent in the best spirit witch she knew, her daughter Noelle. For the past three months, Noelle has worked with Daniel and they made great progress. But then Noelle went and fell in love with him. Which would be bad enough, but she also fell in love with his leashed shifter, Jake.

Daniel is a pretty man, there’s just no getting around it. Jake is a bear of a man, and Daniel’s leashed shapeshifter, bound to protect him at the cost of their lives. To Noelle, they are the most handsome, most wonderful men on the face of the earth and she wants both of them.

Now Noelle has set herself a Christmas task. Build a relationship with Daniel and Jake, but first she’ll have to convince Daniel there’s something between them and get him over the notion there’s nothing more between him and Jake than friendship first.

If her sister Meg can have two men, why can’t she?

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Cover art by April Martinez.





  • Road to Romance
    • “For a short Christmas story special, it was a nice, sensual treat.”
    • Reviewed by S. Khaw

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  1. Hi Jet,
    Is there a way to get an ebook copy of this still? I have read your first 2 in the series and would love to read this as well. According to Loose ID it is no longer in stock.


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