Leashed 2: More Than A Bargain

Leashed 2: More Than A BargainReleased in ebook October 10, 2006

Also available in print
Also available in print
  • ISBN-10: 1596324562
  • ISBN-13: 978-1596324565

Pairing: m/f; m/m/f

Available in ebook at Loose Id

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Also available in print at Amazon (with Two For One Deal)

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Also available in print at Barnes & Noble


The evil witch is dead. Unfortunately, Meg killed him. With magic. A definite no-no where the Witches’ Council is concerned. If the Council can prove it, she’ll be put to death. To make matters worse, she also absorbed a hell of a lot of the witch’s power and memories and she’s barely able to contain them.

What’s a girl to do?

Rely on her shifters, of course. Michael and Rudy show every sign of sticking with her through this mess and Michael’s proven to have contacts that just might help. Wonderful of them. Except relying on them means that, Meg also has to figure out where she fits in their relationship. Is she a third wheel? Or could they really make a happy threesome?

Meg’s two for one deal has turned into more than a bargain.

Author’s Note: I don’t think readers can fully enjoy Leashed 2 without reading Leashed. This second story picks up exactly where the first left off and a reader may feel that they’re missing something without reading the first.

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Cover art by Anne Cain.

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