Indigo Knights 4: Noble

Indigo Knights 4: NobleReleased September 16, 2014 from Loose Id

Available as a single ebook or in the e-boxed set at Loose Id

Available for Kindle from Amazon

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Donny “Foxy” Foxley is hot. Noble knows it. All those screaming teen girls know it. And so does the production company with their millions staked on the teen idol’s dreamy good looks.

So when the supposedly straight movie star comes onto him, Noble is floored. Never one to ignore the allure of a pretty young man, Noble can’t resist and doesn’t even try. Why should he? Even if it has to be a secret, he’d be crazy to pass up a night of sexytimes with the one man everyone wants.

But one night turns into two, then blossoms into a friendship with the potential for so much more. If that’s what Noble was after, which he’s not. But Foxy gets under Noble’s skin until he cares way too much. Because there can never be anything but sex between them. To the world, Foxy is straight and Noble is anything but.

Cover art by PL Nunn

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