Heaven Sent: Sly Spectral Trick

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  • Fallen Angel Reviews– 5 angels
    • “I loved how Chris showed Darien that he can be inventive in their relationship”
    • Reviewed by: Teresa
  • Coffee Time Romance– 4 cups
    • “This is a spine-tingling yet extremely hot story.”
    • Reviewed by Chrissie
  • Joyfully Reviewed
    • “Jet Mykles will, as usual, blow your socks off with the humor and love that the characters display in all their interactions.”
    • Reviewed by Sabella
  • Two Lips Reviews– 4 lips
    • “[the author]…uses the intimacy of laughter, anguish, pride, love and misery to entangle the reader in the lives of her characters, so much so that we want to go back and revisit them over and over again.”
    • Reviewed by Katya
  • The Romance Studio– 5 hearts
    • “It’s easy to think this is another hit for this author who excels in building her characters and dialogue.”
    • Reviewed by Dee Dailey

10 thoughts on “Heaven Sent: Sly Spectral Trick”

  1. Thanks for getting back! I have to say, I just reread “Faith, ” and I adore Darien. You gave him such personality, and I found myself laughing out loud at times (like the Clark Kent taking off glasses reference). I can only imagine how you will have Darien act in a Halloween story. Should be fun!

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