Heaven Sent 2: Purgatory

Heaven Sent
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Heaven Sent 2: PurgatoryReleased July 25, 2006

Pairing: m/m

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This one is Luc’s story, the bass guitarist. There’s a certain someone that he let get away once and he wants to rectify that situation.


Lucas Sloane defines beautiful for Reese. Tall and sleek with gorgeous red hair and deep, dark eyes to drown in, it’s no wonder that the famous bass player is the hero of many a starry-eyed teenager’s dreams.

Reese used to be one of those teens. Back when Heaven Sent was no more than the house band for the local club, Purgatory. Back then, it was easy to get to know Luc. To become friends with him. Somehow, Reese found the courage to take heart in hand and confess his love to Luc… only to be soundly rejected. Luc wasn’t gay. Not long after, Heaven Sent left town and skyrocketed into rock and roll stardom.

Now, six years later, Luc is back in town for a visit and more gorgeous than ever. Surprisingly, he not only apologizes for his treatment of Reese years ago, he comes onto him. Seems Luc’s discovered the pleasures of being with a man and wants to know what it’d be like between the two of them.

But Reese can’t. He just can’t. He lives the straight and narrow. He teaches high school. He’s got a girlfriend. He has a normal life. He can’t be gay.

Of course, it’s really very hard to deny the man who’s defined everything beautiful in Reese’s artistic mind. Okay. No one has to know about it, right?

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Cover by PL Nunn of Bishonenworks

Heaven Sent 2.5: Sexy Spring SurpriseRead Sexy Spring Surprise to get a glimpse at the lives of Luc and Reese after Purgatory.


  • eCataRomance Sensual– 5 Stars
    • “This is a “must have” if you are into male/male romance, especially if you are a lover of yaoi.”
    • Reviewed by Keely Skillman
  • TCM Reviews
    • “This book provided a wonderful escape consisting of intriguing characters, exciting drama, nonstop sensual pleasure, and fulfilling love. Ms. Mykles delivers more than just a nice story; she sets a new standard for erotica writing. Definitely a book worth your time.”
    • Reviewed by Jasmina Vallombrosa
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews #1– 4.5 stars
    • “Saying that I had to put this book down a time or two for a cold glass of water is an understatement.”
    • Reviewed by Caye Kimberley
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews #2– 4.5 stars
    • “The story moves along quickly and I was happy to go with it every step of the way. This sexy tale will put a spark in your whole day and leave you wanting more. More Ms. Mykles, more please?”
    • Reviewed by Kirra Pierce
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews #2
    • “Purgatory is quite simply everything I wanted it to be: tender, romantic, sexy and immensely satisfying.”
    • Reviewed by Shannon
  • Coffee Time Romance– 5 cups
    • “What an awesome story! Purgatory absolutely blew me away! Every person who has ever had a crush on a rock star should read this amazing book. This sensational story is the epitome of exactly why Ms. Mykles is my favorite author.”
    • Reviewed by Susan White
  • Euro-Reviews– 4.5
    • “Purgatory definitely lives up to the promise of its predecessor in the Heaven Sent series, Heaven. Jet Mykles knows how to write a sizzling m/m scene and then to turn up the heat even higher.”
    • Reviewed by Annie
  • Euro-Reviews– 4.5
    • “Purgatory definitely lives up to the promise of its predecessor in the Heaven Sent series, Heaven. Jet Mykles knows how to write a sizzling m/m scene and then to turn up the heat even higher.”
    • Reviewed by Annie
  • Literary Nymphs – 4.5
    • “Delicious from start to finish! Heaven Sent 2: Purgatory is an emotionally charged tale that sweeps you up in its embrace, makes you sweat through the extreme heat between Reese and Luc, and won’t set you free before its end.”
    • Reviewed by Water Nymph
  • The Romance Studio– 5 hearts
    • “Numerous wickedly erotic scenes will stimulate the senses of the reader as these two live out their desires. These scenes are described in explicitly graphic detail for easy visualization by the reader. Luc brings humor to the story as he outrageously pursues Reese. Reese has a difficult decision to make in which fear from the past makes even more difficult.”
    • Reviewed by Anita
  • Fallen Angels Reviews– 5 angels
    • “This is a story with complex emotions and situations. It engrossed me making it hard to put down for longer than a few minutes at a time let alone a few days.”
    • Reviewed by Silver Raven
  • Rainbow Reviews– 5 angels
    • “Another beautifully crafted romance with gorgeous, charismatic men and heated sex sure to slide onto the keeper shelf next to the first book in the series.”
    • Reviewed by Kassa

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