Dark Elves IV: Dissent

Dark Elves IV: DissentReleased November 13, 2007 from Loose Id

Also available in print
Also available in print

Pairing: m/f; m/m/f; m/m

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Also available in print at Amazon (with Salvation)

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Also available in print from Barnes & Noble

Continues a few decades after the end of Salvation (remember, these guys live a long time). Savous is now in charge and the raedjour direct connection to their goddess has been severed. How do the elves cope?


Her brother Geriman killed her husband, so now the two of them are on the run. Out of options, they take their chances on a trip through the Dark Forest, but they’re captured by the “dark denizens” that they’d been warned about. These beautifully cruel elves take them into the darkness and use them for selfish, sexual pleasure.

No human has been born who can withstand the full force of raedjour sexual pleasures for long. Jarak and his men are dispatched to rescue Marisol and her brother, but they come too late. They save them from death, but now there is a quandary.

What to do with the traumatized humans? Life among the raedjour is in upheaval and traditions of the last four thousand cycles of seasons may not apply. And Jarak’s and Marisol’s attraction only complicates matter.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pleasured nearly to death?

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Cover by me


Winner of the Love Romances Cafe 2007 Best Paranormal Book

Nominated for 2008 Best Epic Fantasy Romance


  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews– 4/5 stars
    • “I didn’t expect what happened and the shock was an enjoyable one”
    • Reviewed by Francesca Hayne
  • Love Romances and more– 4 1/2 hearts
    • “Ms. Mykles definitely delivers a coup de grace wit(h) her latest Dark Elves story and all this reviewer can say is: Where can I meet one???!!!”
    • Reviewed by Dawn

    Two Lips Reviews – 5 lips

    • “Dark Elves 4: Dissent is a welcome continuance to an already outstanding series. This one is a departure from the others and breathes new life into the mythos of the dark elves.”
    • Reviewed by Misa

    TCM Reviews

    • “It is an intense erotic thrill ride, with a strong romantic element.”
    • reviewed by Qetesh
  • Coffee Time Romance Reviews– 5 cups
    • “Dark Elves IV: Dissent is one hot read! I spent some time fanning myself while reading it.”
    • Reviewed by Regina
  • Enchanting Reviews– 5 enchantments
    • “The book drew me into the world of the raedjour and I became involved with the characters in the story and immersed myself completely in their world.”
    • Reviewed by Shellyw
  • Joyfully Reviewed
    • “I would encourage any paranormal lover to pick up Dark Elves IV: Dissent…”
    • Reviewed by Jo
  • Literary Nymphs Reviews
    • “The story is filled with action, and dare I say romance.”
    • Reviewed by Scandalous Minx
  • Fallen Angels Reviews
    • “….takes the world that Jet Mykles has built in the previous three books and turns it on its ear.”
    • Reviewed by Hayley

26 thoughts on “Dark Elves IV: Dissent”

  1. Jet I loved this story. I have to say all of these in the series so far have been amazing! I hope that there are more to come. I can’t wait until the next one. ~hugs Missy

  2. Thanks, Sydney! I’m so glad you liked him. I was hoping he wouldn’t be annoying 🙂
    I believe Geriman will make an appearance in book 5. Not positive, but so far it’s in the works.

  3. Heather: thank you! I’m glad you like them

    galgal9: Toy? No. He’s not really in the DE universe, despite those few pics that I have in my gallery. I’m still waiting for Toy to give me a story I can tell in words rather than just in pictures

  4. I just got the first one of the evil book so I’m going to get the rest But thank you for writeing them they’re relly good. Have great day.

  5. I am really looking foward to this one comming out. Loved the first three. Are we ever going to find out what happened to Radin? Please tell me he is not really gone. My heart was breaking reading the ending of III. He was my favorite.

  6. I cannot wait for the fourth book to be released. I LOVED the first three….you have given me the sweetest dreams, I swear!! Keep up the good work.

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