Dark Elves II: Mastered

Dark Elves II: MasteredReleased June 14, 2005

Also available in print
Also available in print

Pairing: m/f; m/f/m

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Also available in print at Barnes & Noble


Suzana has lost all she held dear–her family dead at sea, she, a musical mage of noble birth, has been taken by slavers. Alone, bereft, she can do nothing but mourn. But then the traders’ caravan is overtaken in the Dark Forest by the mysterious raedjour who are determined to take the one thing she still calls her own: her body.

Suzana’s capture is cause for celebration amongst the raedjour–virgins are highly prized, and a tournament is held for the honor of taking her maidenhead. And once it is taken, she will be passed to a different warrior every nine days until she finds her truemate.

From the moment he saw her, Krael knew Suzana was his to conquer. Her soft body incites the lust he’s honed over many cycles to pleasure and train women. He’ll have her body, yes, but he has no interest in being her truemate. Until another, Krael’s king, is determined to take her, then Krael grows determined to master her for his very own.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be used, pleasured… Mastered?

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Original ebook cover art
Original ebook cover art

Original cover art by me.

Updated cover art (2009) by Anne Cain.



  • eCataRomance (link no longer available) – 4 1/2 stars
    • “….a sensual feast of decadent delight and luscious intent.”
    • Reviewed by Keely Skillman
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews (link no longer available) – 5 stars
    • “….a riveting fantasy tale that will snatch you from the very first page and keep your eyes glued to every word.”
    • Reviewed by Mireya Orsini
  • Just Erotic Romance Reviews #2 (link no longer available) – 5 stars
    • “….a definite keeper for the erotic, dark, emotional, and romantic paranormal tale.”
    • Reviewed by Tallyn Porter
  • Coffee Time Romance – 5 cups
    • “….a sensational book that I highly recommend to others who also enjoy reading terrific stories of fantasy and hot sex.”
    • Reviewed by Susan White
  • Love Romance (link no longer available) – 4 hearts
    • “Her stories literally take flight and weave a sensual spell among her readers.”
    • Reviewed by Dawn
  • Euro-Reviews– General Rating: Great (4) / Heat Rating: Erotic (2)
    • “….will capture your imagination and if you like a little rough play and multiple partners in your fantasy, get out your fan!”
    • Reviewed by Holly
  • Romance Junkies (link no longer available) – Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
    • “….is as good as the first one.”
    • Reviewed by Claudia McRay
  • The Romance Studio– Overall Rating: 5 hearts / Sensuality Rating: Explicit
    • “Krael was exactly what I would look for if I wanted a dominant male to teach me Domination and submission.”
    • Reviewed by Miaka Chase
  • Cupid’s Library Reviews– Plot Factor: 4 cupids Pleasure Factor: 5 cupids
    • “Ms. Mykles did it again!”
    • Reviewed by Birka
  • Cupid’s Library Reviews #2– Plot Factor: 4 cupids Pleasure Factor: 4 cupids
    • “I loved the storyline about the ‘Dark Elves’.”
    • Reviewed by Blanche
  • A Romance Review (link no longer available) – 4 1/2 roses
    • “….is a tremendous follow up to the original.”
    • Reviewed by Jeanette
  • Enchanted Ramblings– 6 Enchanted Wands
    • “Not only will Jet Mykles characters catch your heart, but the suspense will have you turning the pages as quickly as you can read them.”
    • Reviewed by Astraea
  • Literary Nymphs Reviews– 5 nymphs
    • “Jet Mykles brings us another enjoyable tale in Dark Elves II: Mastered.”
    • Reviewed by Scandalous Minx

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