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So, audiobooks. I’ve come to love them over the past few years. Now, if things go right, I might have a way to make them. Which I would love to do.

My question. Would you enjoy Heaven Sent audiobooks narrated by a woman (me)? Or does it need to be a guy?

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  1. Honestly, some female narrators do “male” voices very well. When it is not done well or even tried, it can either throw me out of the story to feel disconnected or feel more like someone reading to me instead of a performance. This is the same with male narrators and “female” voices. When buying an audiobook, I do expect a performance; otherwise, I would rather just read the book and let my imagination give the story voices instead. This is why I really like listening to samples before I buy an audiobook with a new narrator. I have even found new books by just taking a chance on it because the narrator is one I love.

    1. I’m with you, Candace. A good narrator makes the story sing, male or female.
      As I said my previous reply, if I did do audiobooks and used a female for my m/m stories, it’d be me and I am technically trained so I would hope I’d do a good job. I guess we’d need to wait and see.

      I appreciate the feedback.

  2. I agree with Wanda. It’s not so much who reads but how the book is read. Often the author is the best judge of how the book should “sound”.

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