EXCERPT – Heaven Sent: Sexy Spring Surprise

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Reese laughed, dropping the pink and picking up orange. “It’s not really cold.”

Luc shivered, forcing Reese to hold the pencil up or draw a jagged line. “You’re nuts. It’s cold.”

Reese trembled with that shiver, his skin tingling with awareness. He swallowed, took a deep breath, and again tried to contain his excitement. He hooked one of his chilly bare feet around Luc’s ankle. “It’s the first day of spring.”

Luc chuckled. “So?”

“So?” Reese pointed with the pencil at the lowering sun, at the newly green trees. “Look. It’s beautiful!”

Luc kissed his neck. “You’re beautiful.”

Reese moaned softly, eyes fluttering closed, pencil dropping to join the others on the bench between his legs. That tone in Luc’s voice always did it for him. The voice. The arms wrapped securely around his waist, cradling him back into the fold of Luc’s warm, hard body.

Reese let his head fall back, nestled on Luc’s shoulder. He slid his fingers along one of the arms banding his middle, toyed with the bangles that adorned Luc’s wrist. “You keep me warm.”

“Always.” Luc’s lips trailed up his neck to his ear. Warm breath and an even warmer tongue caressed the sensitive skin.

Reese tilted his head aside, closing his eyes beneath the fall of his long blue bangs. He didn’t need to see at the moment. The beauty of everything existed in this man’s touch. He reached back to spear his hands in Luc’s silky hair, delighted to find it loose. He pulled a long, thick lock around to his nose and sniffed it before he dry-painted his lips with it.

Nimble fingers found one of his nipples through his T-shirt, eliciting a gasp from him. The hand spread flat over his hard nub, and the other hand came up to turn his chin.

Reese went willingly, opening his mouth to the kiss he knew was coming. Luc tasted faintly of cigarettes but mostly of himself, warm and spicy and the most delicious thing Reese had ever tasted.

Fingers fanned over his jaw, holding him in place for the kiss. The other hand slid down his belly to cup the full-blown erection that strained his denim shorts.

Reese broke the kiss on a cry of delight.

“My,” Luc breathed over his lips. “Someone’s excited.”

Reese dragged his eyes open and looked his fill at his favorite sight. Luc’s sable eyes shone down at him from beneath heavy lids. One dark auburn brow was arched, and his generous lips, wet from their kiss, curved in a half grin. Glorious auburn hair curled around his face like a fiery nimbus.

“I’m always excited around you,” Reese assured Luc breathlessly, reaching down to cup his hand over Luc’s, encouraging his lover to squeeze.

“Not always this excited. Should we take this inside?”

Reese shook his head, eyes shutting again as pleasure from Luc’s hold distracted him a moment. He rocked forward into Luc’s hand, gasping at the lightning that shot through his blood. “No. Fuck me here.”

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