EXCERPT – Heaven Sent: Pretty Red Ribbon

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Tyler stared at the silent television. Christmas music drifted through the air from the closed bedroom door. Had Johnnie gone to bed? It was only nine o’clock, absurdly early for him even if the two of them had been up most of the previous night. They’d spent Christmas Eve and this morning at Amy’s house, enjoying Tyler’s young nieces’ Christmas cheer. But tonight was supposed to be for him and Johnnie. Their first Christmas as a married couple.

Tyler sighed, closing his eyes in defeat. His fault. He shouldn’t have left. Or he should have allowed them to go away for the night as Johnnie suggested. He turned toward the closed bedroom door and headed for it, ready to face the music. Christmas music, that is. Of course, the faint strains of holiday cheer coming from the bedroom didn’t mean Johnnie was awake. He often liked to listen to music as he went to sleep.

Tyler saw the scrap of thick, red, faux velvet ribbon sticking out from under the door, lit by a soft light that peeped through the crack. Stalling, he bent to pick it up but it proved to be longer than he thought. He pulled until it resisted, attached to something.

Frowning, he stepped aside so he could open the door without letting the ribbon go. He stood as he stepped across the threshold.

And froze.

Johnnie was awake. Very much so. He was lying in the middle of the monstrosity of a bed that he’d insisted they buy, his back propped against the headboard, one leg stretched before him, the other bent. In his hands he held a pair of scissors and a roll of shiny blue ribbon. The red, by all appearances, had long run out as the entire spool of it was wrapped around Johnnie’s nude limbs. But not just red. Green, yellow, gold, and silver also wound in thick and thin strands around long, smoothly muscled arms and legs and across Johnnie’s beautiful, carved torso. His waist-length brown hair streamed loosely across his bare chest, mingling with the ribbons. No, tied with ribbons in haphazard ways. A sprig of mistletoe was bound with a merry red bow just above his left ear. Two cinnamon-scented candles sat on either nightstand, providing the only illumination to light the gorgeous scene.

Johnnie grinned, that wide, wolf grin that made Tyler’s body ache to be close. “You’re back.”

“You’ve been busy.” Tyler chuckled, holding up his end of the red ribbon. The length was wound around Johnnie’s ankle and between his big toe and long middle toe. It seemed to be the same ribbon that spiraled around Johnnie’s leg until it ended up tied in a loose bow around the base of his cock, but Tyler couldn’t be sure.

Johnnie shrugged, using the scissors to curl a length of the blue ribbon. “I was bored so I thought I’d wrap your present.”

Stifling a laugh, Tyler stepped up to the edge of the bed. He admired the makeshift waistband of silver and gold that failed to hide Johnnie’s flat belly and intriguing navel. “I think you forgot the paper.”

“Bah,” Johnnie waved the hand with the ribbon in the air, “messy stuff, paper. I prefer ribbon.”

Tyler began to shrug out of his jacket, letting his eyes roam over his “present.” “Mmm. I see that.”


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